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Classes attended include two years of Fine Arts courses at Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, Elkins Park campus. Foundation courses in drawing, painting, graphic design, glass blowing, fabric dying, clay and plaster sculpture, woodworking, and art history resulted in 36 credits. Online classes later with Colorado Technical University included courses in Business Administration, Writing, Communication, Economics, Human Resources, and Marketing with a 4.0 GPA.

Many articles in a portfolio with work assignments through another article broker, direct clients, and a personal blogs and website. Most reflect content only and some required specific templates, keyword and tag usage that does not compliment the format of the writing. Please check the circumstances surrounding the article when viewing.

Has a business and writes for clients to provide content for websites, blogs, and social media sites for smaller businesses that don't have anyone designated for the job but understand how important it can be to maintain these sites.

Goal: to be a social service for the keyboard impaired or creatively challenged business owner, a third and fourth arm for the person in charge of promoting products and services, and a time management solution for the 26 hour day.


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Industry Projects

  • Marketing8
  • Construction6
  • Health1

Summary of Industry Experience


Several articles written for brokered clients have been purchased in marketing and advertising. Personal clients requested articles for LinkedIn and other social media. Also posting articles for personal blog.


Writing on the topics of roofing, windows and siding for construction landing pages is something I've done projects on very recently. As a licensed contractor in North Carolina in 2006 and 2007, it was easy to draw from experience. Other experience in property and casualty, life, and health insurance industries is also easy to write about.


Health and fitness is a hobby of over 20 years and easy to write about. While not many requests have been made to date, the capability and interest to write about it is there. Research is a heavy factor for medical treatment and injury as shown in the article below. Lighter topics would be related to diet and exercise, healthy living, exercise at different ages, and cardio verses weight and toning work outs.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post20+
  • Article10+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Have a client with a travel blog on Wordpress and helped to build it and provide first blog posts. Contributed to Tumblr page and LinkedIn sites as well. Work on personal blogs for writing and travel.


Regularly supplying content to a broker for the last few months. Many articles on different topics, mainly about 500 words per topic. Also larger projects at 1500 words or better and currently working on a series of large articles regarding health insurance. Sample below is instructional, but informal blog post.

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