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Daniel has written creatively since third grade and, when deciding on a career path, figured he might as well make a living as a wordsmith as well. Upon making that decision, he elected to attend the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University. While there, he trained in both broadcast and print writing, ultimately choosing to go into print after graduating summa cum laude. While at Arizona State, Daniel had several radio stories featured on drive-time news shows in a top-10 market. He also wrote for a soccer website which has grown in the last year from 3,000 views a month to more than 100,000 views a week.

Now a reporter at a daily newspaper in southern Minnesota, Daniel writes on local business and nonprofits, while also covering regional economic dynamics and providing analysis of nationally and locally gathered data.


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Daniel has written numerous articles on local business and economic drivers, while also covering the legislative goals of statewide organizations.


As a writer for an Arsenal news site, Daniel has written many articles about soccer in the English Premier League. One of the original writers for a site that started with only 3,000 views a month and has since grown to over 100,000 views a week, Daniel prides himself on delivering quality analysis to fans of the website.

Non Profit

Daniel has written about local nonprofits after their reception of state funding to better illuminate the mission of the nonprofit in the community. Daniel counts this among some of his favorite work, as the effect is often easily seen in the community.

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Daniel has written many articles for both the newspaper for which he currently works, as well as the sports website to which he has contributed for the last year.

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