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Dorian M
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During the past 30 years, Dorian M has created an extensive, wide-ranging and award-winning portfolio. Her career includes stints as a newspaper journalist, public relations director, graduate student, executive and freelance writer. In those roles, she has created a wide range of documents, including reports, speeches, internal and external newsletters, website content, blogs, press releases, ghostwritten content, op-eds, news stories and feature stories. She also has experience in academic writing, having completed her doctorate in 2015.
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Dorian's writing emphasis covers the areas of education, health and business. Her experience working in K-12 school districts, institutions of higher education and education associations gives her a deep understanding of that market. In addition, she branched out to write health-related content after dealing with her aging parents' illnesses as well as her own life transitions. She also writes about businesses and is able to incorporate the knowledge she gained while earning her doctorate in education human resource development.


Dorian wholeheartedly embraces the concept of life-long learning and follows her curiosity wherever it takes her. Thus far in her life, she has explored a wide variety of interests, including reading, geocaching, travel, all types of cultural activities, needlework, sewing, cooking and gardening. Most recently, she started practicing Qigong and is publishing her own website, istartwondering.com.


Trinity University

Dorian M earned her undergraduate degree from Trinity University, one of the top-ranked institutions of higher education in the United States. Trinity's liberal arts approach informs Dorian's work since she loves to explore different topics and find ways to connect them.

Texas A&M University

Dorian's doctoral program focused on understanding how organizations work and adults learn. The degree requirements included courses on organization development, professional development, mentoring and adult learning. As part of her degree program, Dorian also took coursework on public policy development. Dorian focused her dissertation on partnerships between institutions of higher education and K-12 schools.


401 Projects Completed

Dorian M has spent most of her career working in the education sector. She was responsible for creating content for a variety of publications as well as press releases, op-eds, letters and speeches during her work as a communications director for two K-12 school districts and an education association. She also created these same types of documents and publications while working for a major university system. Many of her current regular freelance clients are in the education field.


100 Projects Completed

Dorian M's writing in the health care indutry was spurred when her elderly parents began facing chronic conditions, including Alzheimer's disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, heart disease and diabetes. She has contributed content to HealthCentral.com's Alzheimer's site since 2006 and its diet/exercise and menopause sites since 2010. In addition, she has written health-related stories for several Texas A&M University entities as well as the Texas A&M Foundation. More recently, she is providing content for the Texas Yoga Association and Houston's Hines Center for Spirituality and Prayer.


68 Projects Completed

Dorian M's interest in business was instilled by her parents, who owned a small business, and enhanced by coursework during her undergraduate and graduate degree programs. Using this knowledge, she regularly creates content celebrating businesses. Her work includes feature stories, website updates, blogs, awards applications, marketing materials and reports.

Press Release

400 Projects Completed

Dorian M has written countless press releases as communications director for two K-12 districts, an education association and a university system. She also offers this service to her current customers.

Blog Post

44 Projects Completed

Dorian M has contributed blog posts for the Texas A&M Foundation's external and internal websites.


40 Projects Completed

Dorian M creates feature stories for several in-print and on-line magazines. She also has written these types of stories as a journalist and public relations director.

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