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Jaleesa is a Detroit-based freelance writer, blogger, and copywriter. She's always ready to tackle new writing projects and gives keen attention to the details that matter to the specific audience she's trying to reach.

In addition to being a full-time writer, she's also self-educated. With more than five years of experience she's worked with various types of clients, some with their own unique audience, but one common denominator is that people love discovering new things when it's easy for them to understand and presented with a little pizzazz! You will find this to be true of Jaleesa's style of writing. Contact her to get the ball rolling.


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As with any health writer, Jaleesa's interest in the health and wellness sector is great. Her experience stems not only from the information, case studies, and expert advice she's researched and obtained, but also from her personal experiences. Having that extra bit of special interest in the subject matter makes her an obvious choice if you're looking to simplify the complicated or educate those possibly in-the-know.

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Blog Post

Jaleesa's writing career got its start from a blog she began back in 2007. As her experience in the realm of blogging grew, so did her expertise. From the technical aspects behind the scenes to content development. Along with her growth in experience, the quality of her posts increased and her ability to present the information in a simplistic and interesting style became sharper.


Jaleesa has also built a track record for helping her clients to convert their ideas and information into written content that speaks in a way their ideal audience will understand, and enjoy reading. In fact, most of her writing experience has centered around taking seemingly complicated subjects and conveying them in a simple, yet professional and easy to read style. Her writing samples convey this very aspect of her services.

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