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Jeff is an editor, essay writer, and copywriter for a college counseling company. From his employment past as a military officer, doctor of chiropractic, nutritionist, strength and conditioning specialist, and financial advisor, he is knowledgeable about a wide variety of subject areas. He is particularly skilled at taking difficult concepts or "tech-speak" and distilling it into an easier to understand narrative. He has published articles on rehabilitation, nutrition, finance, and has even written the online companion to the popular RandMediaCo "Street Smarts: Beyond the Diploma" book.

Jeff is also an accomplished comic book writer and screenwriter. His first mainstream comic work was produced in June 2015, and one of his self-published comics will be turned into a trade paperback by Darby Pop Publishing/Magnetic Press and will be published in January 2016. Two of his television pilot screenplays were also finalists at the 2014 Austin Film Festival's screenplay competition.

Jeff's greatest strengths are his ability to handle multiple projects at once, his attention to detail, and his wide range of interests and knowledge.
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Copywriting, research, screenwriting, health and nutrition, long-form, social media


Jeff has a wide variety of interests that his varied resume allows him to write well to: finance, medicine, sports, nutrition, entertainment, teaching, coaching, history, and military.


50 Projects Completed

Jeff is a regular reviewer of comic books and pop culture for the website, Newsarama. While most of his pieces are reviews, he has written several informative pieces that provide spotlight on characters, television shows, and movies.


20 Projects Completed

Jeff has worked in finance in two different roles: as a financial analyst with an asset management company and as a wealth advisor with Morgan Stanley. In the former, Jeff was the primary researcher and analyst for the company. They managed five collective trust products using only exchange-traded funds, so Jeff is well-versed in how to analyze and utilize ETFs, and he is able to write cohesive and educational copy about them.

As a wealth advisor with Morgan Stanley, Jeff dealt with clients face to face, and he regularly drafted letters and communications to educate, enlighten, and inform his clients about what they should be doing with their portfolios and what the markets were doing on any given day.


5 Projects Completed

Jeff is a chiropractor with a master's degree in nutrition. He also has experience as a strength and conditioning specialist, personal training, and coaching a swim team. Rehabilitation and physical therapy are his specialties, and he is knowledgeable about weight-training and exercise techniques.

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Jeff is well-versed in writing Tweets, and he knows how to effectively write copy that guarantees attention.


500 Projects Completed

Jeff writes and edits essays for a college counseling company. He also writes letters of recommendation and other formal letters for clients as needed by the college admissions process.

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200 Projects Completed

Jeff is the lead Facebook copywriter for a prestigious Boston hospital's pediatric division. As a result of his efforts, more traffic has been directed toward the department's Facebook page.

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