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Stephen's experience spans the course of several years, but some may say he got his start in creative writing when he was only 14 years old, participating in online role-playing chats with friends. Over the last 5 years, that experience has truly started to take shape in the form of longer-form content with well over 100 articles and news pieces written for a handful of publishers.

Professionally, his start was self-sustained with the launch of the GKick website. Originally built around a podcast, he would expand the site to feature video game news, content reviews, opinion articles, and detailed pieces on the history and evolution of gaming. The content there would provide him with positions for other small gaming sites, such as BeantownGamer.com, SFX-360, and Stealthybox.com. Most recently, he has provided content for the world's largest eSports company, ESL, in reviewing and previewing their major Rocket League events.

Since then, his freelance career has also allowed him to write lengthly pieces on the entertainment business, as well as professional wrestling through a site called BecauseWrestling.com. Between all of these ventures, Stephen has continued to write freelance in a wide variety of topics, and looks to continue doing so for many years to come.


Stephen specializes in writing content with personality. Whether an article or review or blog post, any opportunity to break from a mechanical or corporate style of writing fits his needs best and allows him to produce his best content. Overall, his experience and skill set perhaps shine best in engaging articles which speak directly to the reader.


Stephen has a deep interest in the world of eSports, otherwise known as competitive gaming. Having spent much of the last 5 years writing gaming content, his focus is also on commentating for competitive matches, creating interesting and engaging YouTube content, and helping the industry grow for a variety of games. His other interests include technology, gadgets, and even pro wrestling.


101 Projects Completed

Stephen's most extensive experience comes in gaming, having written well over 100 news pieces, reviews, opinion pieces, and columns about the gaming industry. Having produced multiple news posts daily for several years, the actual number of written projects is hard to pin down, but Stephen knows his way around video gaming.


1 Projects Completed

There are fewer things Stephen has written more of in his writing career than articles and article content, with a significant amount of said content under his belt. Primarily focused on gaming, these articles have covered everything from general gaming history to exclusively digital downloads of games.

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