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God how she hated that office. From the faded blue carpet and florescent lighting, to the stale air and endless phone calls, work had become a living nightmare. It wasn't supposed to be like this, Anna reminded herself. She was supposed to be an artist, a writer, or god forbid something that nurtured her imaginative spirit. Even from an early age she believed she had been put on Earth simply to create.

As a teenager she acquired an insatiable hunger to write. She formed a writers club at school and soon discovered her love of fiction. After graduation and throughout her college years she attended every creative writing course offered and developed an interest in the art of screenplay and story boarding. Armed with skill, imagination and drive, Anna lacked only one thing: money.

Alas, the girl soon learned what most ambitious youth eventually realize, dreams don't pay the bills. Setting aside her aspirations, Anna dedicated three years to the childcare industry, four to the pharmaceutical world, and then in the 2013, she accrued her auto, fire and life insurance licenses. While this new endeavor reintroduced the opportunity to compose, it was an entirely different aspect of writing. Anna was thrust into a whirlwind of insurance underwriting, policy submissions, claim forms and all manner of technical writing. Two years went by, and although her career with the insurance company offered stability and a steady paycheck, her passion withered.

Shortly after the birth of her first child, Anna realized this was finally her chance to use her years of writing experience. Casting the insurance industry aside, she is now attempting to reunite her spark of creativity. Currently, she is working on two novels, a series of children's books, and willing to take on as many writing opportunities as possible.


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Summary of Industry Experience


As a licensed insurance agent, Anna was required to take on a variety of tasks. Before submitting an application the risk first had to be properly underwritten. This included home and/or property inspections, health and/or background screenings, and wildfire and/or flood determinations. Once the risk was properly evaluated and determined eligible, the application was then submitted bound (with payment) and pended for further company approval. If unsure of a risk, Anna was required to submit the application non-bound and without payment. If denied, she had 15 days to gather further information for the specialty underwriters in order to revise the decision.

Anna was also responsible for all client and prospective client communications. Literacy skills were important as many clients requested transactions to be documented through email. Additionally, nearly all commercial businesses required Certificates of Insurance to provide to landlords, vendors and clients. Oftentimes commercial work cannot begin until the proper documentation has been provided. As an agent, Anna possessed the ability to read an insurance policy and outline the requested provisions on the certificate. Accurateness is crucial. If the documentation was incorrect in any way, the agent risked losing a costumer.

Finally, Anna also possessed the needed knowledge to write, process and submit a claim on the behalf of clients whenever necessary. Familiarity with the process and knowledge of common insurance vernacular was a must in order for all claims to be submitted correctly and efficiently.


In the past three years, Anna has marketed her freelancing skills designing websites for artists and crafters.
These projects included writing interesting, consumer-driven descriptions of each product offered. As online customer traffic is heavily dependent on key word searches, it was imperative for her product descriptions to drive interest and boost sales.


While studying early childhood development and working at the local youth center, Anna was tasked with observing the relationships between the children and staff. A mandatory report was filed with management immediately afterwards detailing the interaction. Based on this observational report, management would then make any necessary adjustments to the curriculum needed.

As a member of an online motherhood forum, Anna participates in the community with questions, advice and support through blog style posts.

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Summary of Product Experience


In total, Anna has completed seven books. Three of which are currently undergoing editing and will be ready for submission by the end of the year.
Anna's primary focus is young adult/adult action adventure and science fiction. Her newer projects include a series of children's books (ages 3-6) that she has written and is currently illustrating.

Blog Post

More so than ever before, people of all walks of life are connecting through the internet and creating online, worldwide communities. Over the course of the past three years, Anna has created and shared amateur blog-style posts covering a range of subjects. Most of her posts typically revolve around personal experiences, humor, family, food and pets.

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