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While attending Ohio University, Emily became a writer and later editor of a student publication dedicated to covering local, state and national politics. While there she led the City News staff, coaching reporters on the staff, editing their work for content and style, and contributing as the lead reporter on city government and public affairs.

After graduating she took a position as a copy editor and page designer for the Media Network of Central Ohio, editing content for five daily and two weekly papers in the Central Ohio area. Six months later, she was promoted to a reporter position at the Newark Advocate, where she specialized in feature reporting. Emily covered everything from flu shots to coffee shops, focusing on the people, places and events that made an impact on the daily life of Newark residents.

She now works as a digital content specialist for RevLocal, where she writes and edits blog content, and creates social media content for the agency's clients.


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Emily is a pro at creating entertaining and informational Facebook posts that will spark user engagement. She was recognized with the Best Use of Social Media award by the Ohio Associated Press Media Editors for her work in 2014.

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  • Health10+
  • Fitness10+
  • Pets10+
  • Real Estate7
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Summary of Industry Experience


Working at a digital marketing agency has opened Emily's eyes to the ins and outs of the industry. Marketing is not just a job, though, it's her passion. Even when she's not at work she's usually reading content marketing blogs and looking for new and innovative ways to get clients' names out there. She contributes content to her agency's corporate blog (focusing on content curation & social media) and also has experience ghostwriting blogs on small business marketing for marketing agencies.


While working as a reporter, Emily often reported on health issues affecting the community, such as the influenza virus. She also had the opportunity to interview residents with medical issues, including cancer and diabetes, sharing their stories from diagnosis to treatment and all the way to recovery. This allowed Emily to raise awareness for medical conditions affecting people in the community and share information on symptoms and where to get treatment. In addition to these areas, Emily also wrote for a monthly feature called Active Fit, a joint program with the local hospital targeted at helping youths make healthy choices.


Fitness was a major passion topic for readers in Central Ohio. Emily often wrote features on local gyms, the latest exercise trends and general fitness tips/advice.

In her personal time, Emily enjoys going for a run and practices yoga daily.


It would be impossible to count the number of stories Emily wrote about pets. Whether it was visiting the local Humane Society after a major rescue, informing readers about health concerns facing their pets (such as heart worms and canine influenza), she was always showing some love to the county's furriest residents. Emily is also the proud mom of two dogs she rescued from her local animal shelter.

Real Estate

Since starting at Writer Access, Emily has delved into the world of real estate. She has completed multiple blogs for a major real estate listings company, several of which were rated at "exceeds expectations." It's an area of writing that continues to intrigue her and challenge her creativity.


Emily has completed several projects for insurance companies who have sought to provide helpful information to homeowners and car owners. Topics have included everything from how to winterize your home to things to consider before allowing someone to borrow your car and how they can impact insurance policies.


While working as a reporter, Emily often covered stories on local restaurants and wrote lifestyles pieces on favorite recipes and food trends. She has also written and edited a number of blogs for restaurants, catering companies and bars in her role as a digital content specialist.


Writing business articles and blogs is a challenge Emily welcomes. During her time at the newspaper, she often had to sub-in on the business beat. Stories included covering new businesses, longtime staples in the community and economic trends/outlooks for the area.


As a digital content specialist, Emily has overseen hundreds of blogs relating to contract services, including plumbing and HVAC businesses. She has written and edited blogs on various topics in these industries, such as when to change your HVAC's air filter, how to spot a leak in your plumbing system and everything in between.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post50+
  • Facebook Post4

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Since jumping into the marketing world, Emily has been actively writing and editing blog content for clients. The clients she has worked with range in diversity from plumbers, to restaurants, to health insurance agencies. The list goes on. All of the content is created with quality and SEO in mind.

Facebook Post

Emily is a pro at creating entertaining and informational Facebook posts that will spark user engagement. She was recognized with the Best Use of Social Media award by the Ohio Associated Press Media Editors for her work in 2014.

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