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A seasoned MBA with years of experience with Fortune 500 companies, local small businesses, and even government entities, strategic marketing is Tricia's specialty, which includes research, analysis, report preparation, and target market recommendations. Tricia can help you with your website copy, direct mail marketing campaigns, press releases, and vision creation for your business.

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Tricia runs several small businesses that she created and built herself: market research, business plan creation, branding, logo design, website development, licensing, public relations, online marketing & direct mail marketing. She is the author of a dozen books (not pamphlets), writing in the personal development and aquaculture fields.

Whatever your needs in the area of marketing, writing, research or planning, Tricia can offer you her experience? and methods that have proven successful time and again. She can help you get your message across in the right way, to the right people.


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Tricia A's Press Release Product Experience

3 Projects Completed

Tricia has written and distributed multiple press releases both for her businesses and for those of her clients.

Industry Projects

  • Search Marketing500+
  • Real Estate100+
  • Insurance100+
  • Self Help10+
  • Hobby6

Summary of Industry Experience

Search Marketing

Tricia began offering marketing services to local small businesses as far back as 2008, the same year that she built her first website and started blogging on the subject. Many of her articles and blog posts reference the growing popularity of social media marketing and the changing landscape of SEO.

Real Estate

Tricia has been writing technical articles, blog posts, and press releases for real estate industry clients for over a decade. With a background working for several national homebuilders and real estate agents, she has had exposure to all aspects of the housing industry.


With an undergraduate degree in Insurance, an Associates in Risk Management (ARM), and many years working in the insurance industry, Tricia has a keen understanding of insurance principles and the insurance business itself. She has written articles for agents as well as many safety-related and worker's compensation articles, which was a specialty early in her career.

Self Help

Tricia has written many books in the self-help and personal development genre as well as provided beta reading services for select authors in the field. Her books continue to rank at the top of their categories and generate positive reviews from readers.


Tricia has written several hobby and aquaculture guides that sell in on various online resources. Several of these guides have been so well received that she has been invited overseas for consulting work and asked to participate in custom projects over the past five years.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post1,000+
  • Article100+
  • Book10+
  • Press Release3

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Tricia has been creating websites and blogs on various subjects for over ten years, at one point having over a thousand websites in her name. Now down to a manageable number of just under a hundred, she continues to generate fresh content on these sites that perform well without the use of paid search methods.


Tricia has been writing engaging articles for various sources for over a decade. Whether they be informative or technical in nature, her material is always well-researched and conforms to client specifications.


Tricia has written over a dozen books on a variety of topics, ranging from personal development to self-help to aquaculture. All books are released in both electronic and paperback format and continue to generate positive feedback.

Press Release

Tricia has written and distributed multiple press releases both for her businesses and for those of her clients.

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