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M.K. is an accomplished and versatile writer and editor with a knack for presenting science, health and nutrition concepts in a clear and engaging way. After receiving her B.A. from the University of California, Berkeley, and M.S. in Journalism from Columbia University, she worked as an editor for a major daily newspaper. Duties included coordinating production of science, food and dining sections. She later worked for an educational publisher, guiding production of children's science books and teacher guides. She possesses superior writing and editing skills, including command of grammar, punctuation and syntax. She has received awards for science and technical writing and food writing.


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Industry Projects

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  • Nutrition20+

Summary of Industry Experience


As editor of the weekly science section for a major daily newspaper, M.K. managed a staff of writers, photographers and designers working together to present science news in a clear and engaging way. As science writer and editor for an educational publisher, she coordinated all aspects of production of science books, web features and software for students and teachers


As food editor for a major daily newspaper, M.K. planned and guided production of a weekly food section, including articles on cooking, dining and nutrition. She wrote dozens of articles about cooking, food science and nutrition.


As editor of the Food section of a major daily newspaper, M.K. edited a weekly nutrition column and wrote dozens of articles about food science and nutrition.

Product Projects

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  • Web Page20+

Summary of Product Experience


M.K. has written dozens of articles on health, food, nutrition, science and dining for a major daily newspaper.

Web Page

M.K. has written and edited numerous web pages for a scientific publishing company. She has also written web features as part of the public outreach program for two NASA missions.

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