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Rachel enjoyed writing and illustrating short stories from a young age, and even then knew that the power to craft words was a magical one. She always found it incredible that with nothing but the words from her mind, she could create worlds, people, and stories of her own.

It was with this passion that Rachel further pursued writing in high school. Rachel excelled in her writing courses, and began to hone her skills. She further grew as she wrote and edited throughout college, both for her major and for pleasure.

After becoming fairly well read, Rachel turned to the online world of literature to satiate her endless thirst for the written word. She began a personal blog, and worked as an online content writer and editor for several entities.

Later, Rachel began her professional writing career working for a local company and creating ad copy, company blogs, and product descriptions for a variety of clients. She learned much about marketing, how to adjust her writing style for different applications, and how to further create an original voice and tone in her writing.

Rachel now works as a freelance writer and editor, and enjoys being a guest contributor for blogs relating to parenting, the outdoors, nutrition, music, and literature.


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Industry Projects

  • Kids/Family20+
  • Home Living20+
  • Nutrition20+

Summary of Industry Experience


Rachel grew up in a very family-oriented society and neighborhood, which has given her focus on the issues families and children experience. Her first online writing job focused on children and their eating habits, and her personal blog also highlights many issues within this topic area. She also enjoys writing guest blogs related to kids and family.

Home Living

Rachel has written extensively for construction/contractor clients with audiences of middle to higher income families who are interested in remodeling, renovating, and home improvements. She has written countless blogs and articles regarding ways to boost a home's curb appeal, resale value, and overall style and design.


Rachel edited existing content for a children's nutrition company, and then strategized blog topics that would fit their audience. After careful research, Rachel then wrote blog articles and short webpages regarding things such as harmful preservatives in food, strategies for healthy eating, and related topics in pop culture and the media.

Product Projects

  • Product Description500+
  • Blog Post100+

Summary of Product Experience

Product Description

Much like Rachel's experience with blog post writing, her main other type of writing experience comes in the form of product descriptions. Companies in areas of dentistry, law, plumbing, and home decor have all benefitted from Rachel's writing prowess and ability to convince specific audiences that a product works well and is worth buying. Rachel uses specific and engaging language to tell about a product and the benefits that come from using or buying it.

Blog Post

As long as Rachel has written professionally, she's been researching and writing quality blog posts. Doing as many as 15 600-word blog posts a week, Rachel has had extensive experience in strategizing topics and creating blog posts that increase traffic, are interesting, informative, and thought-provoking.

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