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BJ is a talented writer, an experienced marketing and advertising manager, and a creative Jack of all trades, skilled in a variety of crafts ranging from penning poetry and fiction, to illustration, photography, and graphic design. He is a graduate of New York University with a degree in journalism and mass communications, and has since worked the better part of a decade in the field of project and creative management at several advertising agencies in New York and San Francisco.

As a writer, BJ has enjoyed success scribing for blogs focusing on music, men's lifestyle, and entertainment. He has also spearheaded the respective social media initiatives of each, tapping into his experiences as a headline writer and banner ad designer, resulting in reaching wider readership through punchy but eloquent tweets and Facebook posts. BJ's snappy, conversational tone permeates through his subject matter, creating an accessible, engaging reading experience, regardless of topic.

BJ's formal background lies in news reporting and long-form feature writing. He has well-rounded experience with content generation and aggregation, and is always looking to grow as a writer. His passion for learning has also led him to pursue a Master's degree in illustration, with the subjects of his works typically deriving from poetry he reads and writes.
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BJ is a proficient and prolific blogger, Twitter user, and headline writer. He also writes short- and long-form fiction.


Outside of writing, BJ enjoys the outdoors. He was an all-conference athlete on NYU's cross-country and track teams, and continues to run and remain active. He also enjoys illustrating and graphic design, reading philosophy, brewing beer, cooking tacos, petting dogs, and hitting his thumb with hammers while trying to hang framed art.


Academy of Art University

BJ is pursuing his Master's degree, with a concentration on graphic novel and editorial illustration. He also volunteered as an assistant coach for the university's cross-country team.

New York University

BJ initially studied communication upon enrollment at NYU, but switched his major to journalism after three semesters, and graduated from the program with an A average. He was captain of the varsity cross-country and track teams, and interned at Fox News.


124 Projects Completed

BJ is an avid consumer of all types of media, and has written countless articles, reviews, and analyses about the entertainment industry. His style caters to the reader who wants to go on a deeper, more cerebral journey to understand the motives and makeup of the characters we watch on a consistent basis.


100 Projects Completed

As BJ's taste in music grew, so did his experience as a writer on the matter. He initially worked as an indie rock album reviewer, and has since gone on to write hundreds of reviews, tweets, and opinion pieces of a breadth of music, from folk and jazz, to hip hop, death metal, and beyond.


45 Projects Completed

BJ initially started blogging as a humorist, and has since interjected wit and snark into his writing across all genres. He has written for several men's lifestyle websites, has penned web series shorts and stand-up routines, and, in general, finds that humor is effective in engaging the reader regardless of the mood or matter of the subject at hand.

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7,500 Projects Completed

BJ is a prolific Twitter user whose posts run the gamut; sports, music, breaking news, television, politics, and observational humor are all topics on which he enjoys tweeting.

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206 Projects Completed

At BJ's core is his strength as a blogger. He completed one of the first formal blogging classes in the country while at NYU, and for the past 10 years has blogged across a multitude of platforms for various audiences, ranging from sports, to news, to lifestyle, and more.

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