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It is possible that Rachel has been writing since, well, she could write. Her earliest books from grade school still hold places of importance in her family's home, but it is her most recent non-fiction work that has gained attention outside of her circle.

Rachel currently writes long and short form content related to the contemporary art market for international publications. Her MA thesis helped her earn a university award for excellence in academic performance, and is now being published as a book by an industry publishing house. She is also the founder of a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the arts.

Additionally, Rachel advises Art Therapy graduate students on their theses and is a university-recommended thesis editor. She is also a practicing artist, exhibiting her works in New York City and abroad, as well as an educator at two of New York's major art museums.

Rachel has been creating content for marketing and branding agencies for several years now. Her expertise on digital marketing trends not only contributes to her success writing on marketing topics, it has also prepared her to craft content that is optimized for performance, no matter the topic or industry.

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Rachel C's Politics Industry Experience

10 Projects Completed

Rachel writes as a contributor to a new website dedicated to presenting wry news to a millenial audience. She covers topics on political issues around the world.

Industry Projects

  • Search Marketing100+
  • Marketing50+
  • Finance50+
  • Relationships50+
  • Non Profit50+
  • Entertainment50+
  • Fashion50+
  • Science50+
  • Real Estate20+
  • Travel20+
  • Women20+
  • Home Living20+
  • Education10+
  • Politics10+

Summary of Industry Experience

Search Marketing

Rachel has extensive experience writing for agency blogs - both others and her own - on search marketing topics and best practices. She is a content marketing expert, which means she knows everything up-to-date about SEO.


Rachel is a content marketing expert, with significant experience writing about up-to-date trends and topics. Whether exploring social media platforms or PPC ads, she knows just how to craft content that people want to read.


Rachel has written both website copy and blog posts for a number of finance related topics, from bitcoins to mortgage lending.


As a licensed therapist, Rachel has significant clinical experience in family counseling. She has contributed a number of short and long form articles related to the topic.

Non Profit

As a New York State licensed art therapist, Rachel has run several programs ranging from serving those with developmental disabilities to people with inadequate housing. She has contributed content ranging from press releases to blog posts to grant summaries.


Rachel has substantial experience in the Arts and Arts-related disciplines. Specifically, she has been responsible for crafting and maintaining e-mail and social media content for galleries, implementing PR and outreach for non-profit arts programs, and generating summaries of gallery shows and art-world related events. She is an accomplished researcher and writer in topics related to contemporary art, folk art, and visual art and craft processes.


Rachel has both worked in the New York fashion industry and has extensive experience writing content on topics from luxury brands to kidswear. She curates and writes content for a lingerie-focused blog as a regular contributor.


Rachel has written both long and short-form content related to scientific topics from blogs on energy conservation to educational material regarding the Earth's biosystems.

Real Estate

Rachel has contributed content to individual real estate websites and to larger related industry websites. She has created articles ranging from interior design tips to regional area surveys.


Rachel has created content specific to regional travel around the world, but also has significant experience developing titles and themes for travel-related blogs that prefer more general content.


Rachel has written content on topics from weight loss to menopause, specific to the experiences of a woman.

Home Living

Renovations are a great topic for blogs in many industries, and Rachel has experience writing on home topics ranging from antique updates to modern living. Her experience working at an architectural salvage company mean that she is more than comfortable with industry terminology.


In both her clinical studies and in her writing, Rachel has created content specifically related to childhood development and best practices in education systems.


Rachel writes as a contributor to a new website dedicated to presenting wry news to a millenial audience. She covers topics on political issues around the world.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post100+
  • Twitter Post100+
  • Article50+
  • Book2

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Rachel has maintained blog content for commercial galleries, non-profits, and her own advisory service for over five years now, in addition to updating blogs in the fashion and marketing industries.

Twitter Post

Rachel has maintained an active personal presence on Twitter, and has successfully launched Twitter campaigns for galleries in New York City.


Rachel has written articles on topics ranging from art to politics, for both print and online resources.


Rachel's first non-fiction, academic book is being released in 2017, exploring ideas of art, culture, and social action. She has an assertive research style, and is confident in her ability to synthesize information and present it appropriately and professionally.

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