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For some reason, they want this in third person. This is the only part that shouldn't be third person. This is where the writer gets the podium, and should be saying 'I do this.' However, it's third-personable, so it's done.

No one knows the work that goes into creating a novel better than a novelist, or even how to become a novelist. It just happens. It's as if they're born with ink in their veins. Novelists write as soon as they can take a crayon to the wall. Short stories come out of the woodwork, too, and sometimes even on the woodwork.

Born and raised in Rhode Island, Kevin read a set of encyclopedia before he was eight years old. He couldn't read enough. His typing skills were horrible, and still border on atrocious. He couldn't keep the ideas straight on paper, and a pencil was just too slow and cumbersome. Word processors of the early 1990's era were cumbersome and inadequate. They ran out of memory before the story could form. Something about 640k should be enough for anyone? Therefore, with disorganized reams of scratched-out ideas in a suitcase from about half a million miles of travel, he bought a real computer and put a real word processor on it (kinda weird, saying that the word processor is real, when it's actually virtual, and quite intangible without that haunted box of switches), and started typing again, this time without reachable technical barriers.

This time, whole paragraphs, nay, whole stories, get thrown around like ragdolls, or given the right surgery, implants, mutations, and other changes that turn them into the science fiction, horror, and twisted comedy. What power it is to be able to make sense out of the words that come to mind! With modern technology, novelists have no limits! We'd type forever, but have to get up and get a beer occasionally.

Kevin's writing style: a tentacle from H. P. Lovecraft, a quote from a familiar Blue Oyster Cult song, a swarm of bugs from Atomic Reactor horror films, a pinch of British comedy and science fiction technology, a bit of Star Trek, Stephen King and Clive Barker, TV news stories, and the horrors and darkness that make up the human mind are all involved. There is no escaping the insanity that is Kevin *****. Trickster to the core, you won't be certain if he's serious or playing a joke until either the punchline or the trap. Whatever you want to call it, it'll cause thought. It'll cause feeling. It might even cause both. It's mixed up with a dash of Everything Else, and that's the writing of Kevin *****. If it had to be stuffed into one pigeonhole, the horror science fiction genre is where it might fit best.

But it's harmless, be assured. After all, it's just a book.

Oh, yeah, Kevin can also write instructions on how to do intermediate-level electronics building from scratch, and how to run an old metal-turning lathe, among other things.


Electronics, metalworking, fabrication, machine shop, politics, alternative religion and similar fields, drawing, painting, music, computers. Is this supposed to be a list box of keywords or prosaic?


Science, Nature, the understanding of the universe, and almost everything under the sun & moon.


1 Projects Completed

How to Solder Electronic Components

It doesn't take years of practice to learn how to solder electronic components together. It takes minutes to learn, and it's very easy, once you know how.


1 Projects Completed

How to Pop Corn

It's easy to pop corn and get spectacular results every time with these easy instructions.


1 Projects Completed

Tuning a Guitar

Take a few minutes and tune it right for the best possible sound, and soon, your audience won't get enough of your music.


1 Projects Completed

Science fiction horror stories are among the most difficult and ornery novels to begin. This is a slice from Aftermath, an unpublished novel. This chapter can stand as a short story all its own.

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