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Tina is a woman that has often found herself in a place to pioneer new positions throughout her career. She began work as a secretary in a machine shop at age 18 where she pioneered a job for the first time. The machine shop let her figure out what being a secretary for them meant. She molded the job to best fit their needs by: filing, answering phones, tracking jobs in the shop, inputting time attributed to jobs, building spreadsheets helping the company function better.
After her stint with the machine shop Tina later began a paint assistant position for a plastics plant. This Plastics plant allowed her to create the position and build upon it. Now, Assistants not only help the painter and transfer parts to keep the painter moving, they also paint. When a painter was absent the paint line was down. Assistants are being taught what a painter must do to keep things moving through the plant. Tina also implemented a two turn table system that kept the painter from waiting on their assistant. Painters would wait for assistants to swap parts out on a single turn table system. Now an assistant changes out a part on one turn table while the painter paints at another turn table. During this time Tina learned a lot about the paint process and soon became a painter herself. This show of responsibility in managing duties persuaded the company to give her an Assistant Supervisor position. From the Assistant Supervisor position her confidence grew and they took note. Once again Tina was asked to pioneer a new position as a Continuous Improvement Technician. It all started with a Kaizen event, changing the landscape at the plant and how they do business. She participated in this game changing event and stood out from the crowd with an ability to pick up these new ideas and put them into practice effectively. She soaked up information reading about all things lean such as Eli Goldratt "The Goal" and taking classes until she reached certification of CLO.
Noting abilities exhibited for proper documentation in lean Tina was quickly pulled into the internal auditing system. Auditing came naturally to Tina and using Microsoft, a skill she employs regularly in lean, to help simplify and fix issues found during audits. Auditing led to a new position for Tina that is complemented by lean, as a compliance officer.Compliance became another pioneered job built by need within the company to meet ISO 9001-2008, government and customer requirements. Compliance is her new Challenge that she continues to create and build the definition of.


By creating documents that are clear, concise and user friendly she has help reduce paper work. Creating and updating documents has become a part of Tinas pool of talents. Coworkers often ask for assistance in creating/updating documents.


Reading sci-fi has always been her first great love. Second in competition for her heart is poetry from modern unknown poets. Their words express feelings other people tend to hide. Truthful, raw emotion, that is what draws her in.


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ISO 9001-2008 are standards that must be complied with in order for many companies to maintain a customer base due to the nature of their product. Tina helps to audit and rewrite documentation to maintain compliance with that standard for her current employer. A quality system is something that not only maintains the standard but also works by creating an environment in which quality thrives. Training for understanding this system and its components lie with the ISO audit team that Tina is involved with. She helps by creating training documents and handouts to build the understanding of others.


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In the office Tina has built forms with excel that make sense and are helpful when filling them out. She has found that forms are well intended but seldom do all that is needed. She states that many time the only reasons a document isn't filled out stems from being non-user friendly. In general people just don't know what to do with it or it takes a long time to fill out. She feels that documents should be concise.


5 Projects Completed

Lean manufacturing is used to reduce waste in all levels of a company. Tina Leads events to excavate avenues that will make that happen. Ideas used do not come from her but are gleaned from people that do the work. She used their ideas and dreams working them into a usable platform of change. When those changes have been made they were shared with the rest of the company in a presentation she created helping others celebrate their improvements.

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