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Tina has done creative writing from a very young age spending time on short stories. She has gone on to follow her dream of writing through her career building work instruction for team members to suit their needs. This experience has helped her to become proficient in using Microsoft Excel and Word. This led her to pursue her college degree upgrading it from a receptionist certificate to an Associates in Liberal Arts. After completing her studies she started her own Blog at www.patriotsinthefight.org . She looks forward to meeting your writing needs.


Tina creates and updates documents that are clear, concise and user friendly, helping reduce paper work. Classes in Microsoft Office helped to hone her skills. During downtime she writes poetry to soothe her soul and share her joy.


Tina is looking foward to writing about life, health, outdoor adventures and manufacturing topics. While she is just getting started writing professionally she has been writing throughout her lifetime. With 53 years of life experience and travels to foregin countries. She grew up camping from state to state visiting 43 of the 50 United States. Working in Manufacturing built her interest in Lean Manufacturing and the power of the Least Waste Way.


Eastern Washington University

Studied European History for participation in Student Ambassador Program. Student Ambassador Program was in 6 countries Spain, France, Italy, Yugoslavia, Austria and Switzerland.

Dorthea B Lane Secretarial School

Completed certification for Receptionist with a correspondence course. This course taught me how to manage time in order to complete projects meeting my deadlines.

Southern New Hampshire University

Majoring in Creative Writing and learning that the rabbit hole of research is a wonderful way to spend your time.


6 Projects Completed

ISO 9001-2008 are standards that must be complied with in order for many companies to maintain a customer base due to the nature of their product. Tina helps to audit and rewrite documentation to maintain compliance with that standard for her current employer. A quality system is something that not only maintains the standard but also works by creating an environment in which quality thrives. Training for understanding this system and its components lie with the ISO audit team that Tina is involved with. She helps by creating training documents and handouts to build the understanding of others.


0 Projects Completed

In the office Tina has built forms with excel that make sense and are helpful when filling them out. She has found that forms are well intended but seldom do all that is needed. She states that many time the only reasons a document isn't filled out stems from being non-user friendly. In general people just don't know what to do with it or it takes a long time to fill out. She feels that documents should be concise.


5 Projects Completed

Lean manufacturing is used to reduce waste in all levels of a company. Tina Leads events to excavate avenues that will make that happen. Ideas used do not come from her but are gleaned from people that do the work. She used their ideas and dreams working them into a usable platform of change. When those changes have been made they were shared with the rest of the company in a presentation she created helping others celebrate their improvements.

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