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James is a student at Columbia College Chicago working on his last two classes to obtain a Bachelor's in Fiction Writing. He is currently interning as a copy writing intern at Chicago Agent Magazine, however, his responsibilities have expanded to include producing new and original content for both the website and their print publication.

In school, as well as in his free time, he is an avid writer and reader of many different types of formats. James is currently writing a novel, a comic book and a video game, along with writing critical essays on topics that interest him.
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Real Estate


While James has an interest in video games and how they interact with fiction, along with current events, he has been an intern at Chicago Agent Magazine, a real estate trade magazine, and has learned many things about the ins and outs of the industry.


Video games and traditional games, technology, sports, film, politics, news and current events, storytelling.


Columbia College Chicago

James has taken many different classes covering both fiction and non-fiction prose and essays in many different types of formats.

Real Estate

20 Projects Completed

James has interned at Chicago Agent Magazine since June 2015, and has worked on copy writing press releases, researching and composing original articles, and managing his time effectively for freelance assignments for the company. He regularly completes two 500 word articles per seven hour period.


10 Projects Completed

Being an avid gamer since he was five, James can take what he's learned from his various genres of games and what he's learned elsewhere, both about fiction and the world around him, and write clear and thought provoking articles.

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15 Projects Completed

James has also been tasked with updating the website's Facebook and Twitter feeds with new articles that have been posted on the site. These are kept very brief, but give a snippet or fact to entice a reader to read.


2 Projects Completed

James recently has started being tasked with working on freelance sidebars for the print publication in his free time. These sidebars take more time and more in-depth research to complete.

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