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Jessica is a passionate author who is dedicated to quality research and creating compelling pieces. Her works range from company newsletters, film critiques, writing to maintain a strong social media presence for her employers, and the occasional newspaper article.

Since graduating from college Jessica has started work in the entertainment industry. She has worked on a wide variety of projects including film, television, and commercial spots.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Jessica has a long hobby history, whether it's restoring old furniture, making the best costumes for Halloween and Comic Con, or running her own Etsy shop full of nerdy soaps she makes by hand. Jessica is driven by her hobbies and always working on something creative in her spare time.


After graduating with her degree in film and television production Jessica moved to Los Angeles to pursue a job in the film industry. Since then she has worked on projects such as Star Trek Axanar, Con Man, and I Am Wrath. In addition to her work in film, she has also worked on several commercial sets. During her time in school Jessica's studies revolved around hands-on production work, film theory, study of contemporary television, and film history.


Jessica has always been a stark advocate for women. Starting at the young age of 5, Jessica joined the Girl Scouts of America where she served for 13 years. Though out her life she has been involved in groups dedicated to empowering women such as female driven environmental clubs and grant committees. She is a staunch advocate of gender equality and feels that writing can be an incredibly empowering tool for women.

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Summary of Product Experience


Since beginning work in entertainment, writing articles has become a large part of Jessica's daily duties. Whether it's promotional or to keep fans updated with projects in the works, she is no stranger to writing up to date articles.

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