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While Beth has no experience being paid to write, writing is in her blood. Her mother is a published author and accomplished writing teacher, and Beth assisted her in those classes often while growing up. In her professional career, colleagues often sought Beth's assistance with polishing their messages to others. She also wrote instructional procedures and training materials that replaced those used on a national level at one of her former companies. On a personal level, Beth has always been known as something of a wordsmith. She would often give grammar lessons on Facebook. Now, if you like Beth...these are great attributes. If you don't...they can certainly be irksome. I like Beth and hopefully you will too!


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Beth K's Business Industry Experience

5 Projects Completed

Beth has written many blog posts for a variety of different businesses in different industries.

Industry Projects

  • Business5
  • Career3
  • Home Living2
  • Kids/Family1
  • Beauty1

Summary of Industry Experience


Beth has written many blog posts for a variety of different businesses in different industries.


Beth has 10+ years experience as a manager, coaching people on how to learn their role and flourish in their career. She applies this skill and knowledge to her writing.

Home Living

Beth has written several blogs providing moving tips. She is an unfortunate expert, having moved inter-state twice in less than a decade.


Beth has a family of her own and has learned the struggles of child rearing first hand. There is humor to be found in that, and joy, and sadness. She can bring any one of those feelings to the project you have.


Beth has written several posts for the beauty industry, but only one paid item. She is more into makeup than fashion, with a particular obsession for the perfect eyebrow.

Product Projects

  • Facebook Post100+
  • Blog Post3

Summary of Product Experience

Facebook Post

Beth has, as many people do, lots of experience posting on Facebook. Below is a sample of a recent post she completed.

Blog Post

Beth has been called upon twice, by two separate parties, to provide content for their blogs. The subject of one blog was her experience with preterm birth, while the subject of another was her experience with a house move, with specific tips if small children were to be involved. Both blog entries were received well amongst their readership.

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