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Paul M. has taught writing, literature, film and cultural studies at the university/college level for more than thirty years. In addition, he has managed blogs on film and culture and has published multi-media standardized test preparation courses and creative work. Since 1993, he has served as a Writing Coordinator, working with college students on their writing in virtually every academic discipline, including creative projects. Consequently, he is a skilled researcher as well as a generalist, with interests ranging from politics and science to music and film.


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Taught literature, film, arts, and culture; but mostly writing, all at the college level. Completed numerous handouts, instructions, guides for teaching.


Manged blogs on film and culture since 2006 or so. One project involved writing on over 600 films from 1895 to the present. Another featured short pieces on Netflix Instant Streaming selections, while a third explored the intersection of movies and the cultures/times of which they are a part.

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Film blogs, one of which spans the history of film with over 600 entries. The goal was to express the "immediate experience" of film by constructing a single "magical realist" narrator who lives throughout the period covered by the blog, 1876 to the present.

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