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James studied at Western Washington University where he became very a proficient writer and researcher through the political science department. James wrote several hundred papers over his college career on topics varying from the history of political movements to the development of classical music from the baroque period through the romantic period. These papers would vary in length depending on topic, some papers would be as short as 500 words others would be as long as 7000 words. Often these papers would be due within a couple of days this gave James the ability to work under a very tight deadline and produce results. James graduated with a Degree in Political Science with two minors one in Music and the other in Audio Engineering. James' graduated with a high 3.5 GPA this shows that James was not only able to produce on a deadline but he also produced quality work.
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Politics is by far James' best subject of expertise because of the massive amount of time he has dedicated to learn the various facets of how many different societies function. He also has spent many year working in the music industry and loves writing about various groups he has heard.


James has many interests some of which include: playing/listening to music, writing short stories, writing poems, hiking, biking, reading about the latest scientific discoveries, and playing board games.


Western Washington University

James attended Western Washington for four years where he studied many topics till he decided his primary focus would rest in Political Science and specialized his studies in American politics. He also managed to complete a two year minor in both Music as well as Audio Engineering while he studied Political Science. James also spent what time he had left managing and playing in several bands as well as hosting a radio show.


100 Projects Completed

James wrote many papers on the varying topics with in the field of politics during his career at Western Washington University. These papers topics ranged from discussions on foreign relations to political philosophy both past and future.

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While James was in college he volunteered at his local radio station for 2 years and while he was there he had to write short announcements and read them over the airways.

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