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What you will notice most about Todd's writing is its versatility. He has years of experience in the realm of scientific subjects, especially relating to health, wellness, and nutrition. A growing love for his craft pushed him to branch himself out into other areas such as product reviews, web copy, and short fiction. Obtaining a degree from one of the world's top universities, together with a love of reading, his education is considerably well rounded. The skill of his research enables him to write with competence about specific subjects in which he may be relatively unfamiliar. If he does not have the information, he knows how to acquire it.


Todd specializes in writing articles, blog posts, and copy.


Todd has been a weightlifter since his teenage years. He loves to swim. He is also an original gamer, sports fan, and frequents the movies.


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Todd's passion for health issues has spanned his entire adult life. Not surprisingly, that became one of his original topics of choice when he decided to delve into the world of writing. Having published many online hubs, along with blog posts, he aims to do what he can to make the world a healthier place.


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Todd's portfolio on HubPages contains several hubs relating to nutrition. He is always certain to back his writing with both new and old research. After losing a few very important people in his life to disease, Todd developed a keener interest in this realm of wellness. He has since aimed to share it with the world.


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Todd's writing experience in the world of fitness was facilitated by his long time experience in the area. Weightlifting and exercising regularly has been a key component of his lifestyle since his teenage years. Having given many verbal explanations to his less experienced fellow gym members, Todd developed the ability to explain a movement as simply as possible, while having the knowledge to go into the deeper science. Turning that experience to the keyboard, Todd has authored many articles relating to this important area of life.


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Article writing is Todd's first exposure to professional writing. He has established a lengthy portfolio, covering a variety of topics. His versatility also entails the ability to write in many tones: conversational, academic, informative, and persuasive. If he is not familiar with a topic, he can employ his compensating quality of being a quick learner.

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