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Kelly has spent many years writing online throughout her college career to her freelance career. In January of 2014 Kelly graduated with honors at the University of Phoenix. She started her writing career with personal blogs about events that occurred around the world. Writing is something that has come natural to her and even has been able to incorporate writing in some of her places of employment.

She has created and presented many presentations on work safety in many of her positions. She also maintained the social media and website of a car dealership, which brought in even more clients. She loves taking on new projects and expanding her knowledge.

Writing has always been something that has come easy to Kelly and is always looking into new topics so she can expand her freelance experience.


Business, Healthcare, Education, Marketing, Agriculture


Presentations, News, Children Education, Blog Posts, Fitness


University of Phoenix

Kelly spent three years dedicating many hours to her education. She attended the University of Phoenix online, which has helped her gain even more experience with writing. She is a self starter and obtained high scores. In 2010 Kelly obtained her Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education and in 2011 obtained her Bachelors degree in Health Administration.


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Kelly has a passion for bettering children's education. She knows the importance of a good education and gaining children's attention from an early age is key. Kelly has experience in working in childcare facilities and has a child of her own who she works closely with to prepare for preschool.


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Not only has Kelly taken many medical courses though out her college career, she has worked in a medical office for many months. It is very important that all medical rules and procedures are followed and she enjoys informing others about the importance of the regulations and the consequences that can follow.


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While working for two pest control companies for several years, Kelly has learned a fair share of the regulations that go along with pesticides and their effects on the environment. She has written many articles to inform customers on the safety of the products that were used at her company and were published on the businesses webpage.


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Throughout Kelly's freelance career she has written many different articles ranging from research articles to instructional articles. Her main interests are with informational articles which have been about culture differences, economy, and financially stable places to live. The example below is an informational article.


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Kelly has always worked closely with the human resources department at her places of employment. With that she spent many hours creating presentations on the different topics that need to be discussed in a workplace. Kelly enjoys researching and creating presentations that better prepare employees to be successful in the workplace. Below is an excerpt of a presentation about job safety in medical offices.

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