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Tami has always enjoyed writing, even those long, dreaded papers assigned for classes in school. Perhaps her favorite but most frustrating writing experience happened when she was on a study abroad in Africa. With limited internet connection and a 10-20 page paper due, she stayed up all night making graphs and compiling data and writing her paper. Unfortunately, just as she was typing the final words the power went out for hours. With no other solution, no idea when the power would turn back on, and the deadline looming in a few hours, she was forced to handwrite the entire paper. Hours later, fingers cramping, she put the final touches on her paper just as the power turned back on. She survived the night with a fun story to tell and got an A on her paper.
She has made up stories in her head for as long as she can remember and recently started putting them into words. She is currently working on her first novel though she has written different fanfiction stories in the past. One of those stories that she co-wrote with a friend drew media attention and they were both contacted for an interview. Though it's been a few years since she has written any stories online, she has continued to write stories on her own time and maintain a blog about all the books she reads.


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Tami has ghost written a few articles on parenting for blogs. She has a degree in Marriage, Family, Human Development with an emphasis in Early Childhood Education. She is also the mother to three children.

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Tami has the perfect blog for her interests. She blogs about all the books she reads and lets you know whether you'll like them or not. She also has a private blog for her family that she enjoys telling all the fun, crazy and wacky stories of her daily life.

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