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Tami has always enjoyed writing, even those long, dreaded papers assigned for classes in school. Perhaps her favorite but most frustrating writing experience happened when she was on a study abroad in Africa. With limited internet connection and a 10-20 page paper due, she stayed up all night making graphs and compiling data and writing her paper. Unfortunately, just as she was typing the final words the power went out for hours. With no other solution, no idea when the power would turn back on, and the deadline looming in a few hours, she was forced to handwrite the entire paper. Hours later, fingers cramping, she put the final touches on her paper just as the power turned back on. She survived the night with a fun story to tell and got an A on her paper.
She has made up stories in her head for as long as she can remember and recently started putting them into words. She is currently working on her first novel though she has written different fanfiction stories in the past. One of those stories that she co-wrote with a friend drew media attention and they were both contacted for an interview. Though it's been a few years since she has written any stories online, she has continued to write stories on her own time and maintain a blog about all the books she reads.
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Since Tami has three children of her own, you can safely assume that she is an expert when it comes to them. She can help you with anything from how to change a diaper correctly to giving you some solutions to get your child to do their homework. Though she spends her days running children to dance and gymnastics, volunteering at school, and building castles with her two year old son, she's also an expert in many other areas.
After moving into a new house, her family realized that it was woefully empty. Using her artistic talent, Tami decided she would just refinish old furniture she acquired at yard-sales and online to transform them. Using a myriad of different paints, stains and tools, she has completely revamped a number of items including a kitchen table and an old hutch. She is currently working on her bedroom set much to her husband's dismay.
Tami is also experienced in music. She plays a number of instruments and even majored in music in college. Her primary instrument is the oboe which generally prompts the question, "What is that?" After years of trying to explain that it's the duck in Peter and the Wolf, she finally just tells people that it looks like a clarinet.
Though she majored in music and human development in college, Tami took a number of classes in biology and zoology. She has always found the biological sciences fascinating and still reads as many books and articles on the subject that she can find.
Tami has also traveled extensively, not just around the United States but around the globe. She spent four months living in Uganda and traveled throughout Europe. She hopes to get to New Zealand within the next few years and is planning a Hogwarts trip when her oldest graduates from high school.


Tami takes an interest in a number of different subjects. She has always loved the sciences such as biology and chemistry. History is perhaps one of her most favorite subjects and she enjoys learning new and interesting facts that most people wouldn't know. Reading and writing are one of her most favorite past-times and when she doesn't have her nose in a book, she can be found on her tablet or computer writing her first novel. She has recently started to refinish furniture to great results and loves to read blogs and research on the best new styles and options.


Brigham Young University

Tami attended Brigham Young University where she was able to explore a number of different interests. Originally a music performance major on the oboe, she changed her mind a number of times throughout her college experience. From zoology, nursing, archaeology, and education she explored a number of options before finally settling on Marriage Family Human Development. Marriage Family Human Development encompasses anything from psychology to social work. She emphasized in Early Childhood Development so she ended up learning a lot about children and their psychological development.


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Tami has ghost written a few articles on parenting for blogs. She has a degree in Marriage, Family, Human Development with an emphasis in Early Childhood Education. She is also the mother to three children.

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Tami has the perfect blog for her interests. She blogs about all the books she reads and lets you know whether you'll like them or not. She also has a private blog for her family that she enjoys telling all the fun, crazy and wacky stories of her daily life.

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