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Madeline has been writing for various industries and channels for over 30 years. She draws on over 20 years' experience in the Finance industry, where she worked in Real Estate, Construction, and Retail Banking, and is currently VP/Director of Digital Marketing for an ad agency specializing in digital and traditional marketing for the bank/credit union industry. She is considered an industry expert in Youth Marketing, Big Data and Digital Marketing, having been called on to contribute on white papers regarding the same. She has written numerous assets including copywriting, white papers, blog posts and web content for the finance industry, as well as press releases, newsletter articles and informational emails for use in the real estate industry. She is active on twitter and live tweets from industry events on a regular basis. Her experience reaches beyond the Finance industry to include hospitality, gas stations and veterinary field, for which she wrote business plans and summaries. She enjoys researching each business, its specific locale, and competition in order to present the specific business in a positive light for prospective investors. She worked with area veterinary hospitals for two years, on newsletter and direct mail copy, linking the veterinary and finance fields, as part of a larger marketing plan.

Madeline has increased her level of expertise through writing for LinkedIn Pulse, Yahoo Contributor's Network, and guest posting on her own credit union's blog, as well as non-profit websites with which she has worked. She was also recently asked to assist with concept and development of a series of blog posts for KnowYourBank.com, for which she also wrote the full series of posts related to first time homebuyers. She has completed Google AdWords Search Certification program and Hubspot's Inbound Marketing Certification program. Madeline's style includes the use of a casual voice, and she has developed a process for building personas in order to connect her writing with the selected audience, giving personality to a business, in a way that rings true for the company's brand. Her writing style ranges as dictated by need, being educational, consultative, informational or even celebratory. She can build a scenario to paint a picture, or stick to the facts and get your call to action out there front and center. In her work with Yahoo!, she was successful in building reach and views, and wrote on a range of topics including regional, medical, instructional, and topical, based on assignments from Yahoo!


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Madeline has written copy for two complete credit union websites representing hundreds of pages completed in the past 8 years.

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Madeline has been Marketing Manager for a community chartered credit union for 8+ years. In that time she has developed two websites, writing approximately 75% of the copy for the sites as well as developing ad copy, social media posts, blog posts and press releases. She was elected to a national executive committee for CUNA and is seen as an expert in her field, specifically digital marketing and social media for financial institutions


Madeline has extensive experience with trade shows, promotional gifts, and executive/employee gift giving. She writes on uses of promotional items both from an employer perspective as well as from a sales/promotional perspective. Her familiarity with this industry allows her to write about sales support, training, and closing the deal. She also understands the importance of employee motivation and has written on the fine art of gift giving in the work place.


Madeline has been working in the marketing field for 8+ years in the role of Marketing Manager for a credit union, and has recently taken on the role of VP/Director of Digital Marketing for an advertising agency, focusing on SEO, digital advertising and content development. She oversees the agency's digital presence as well as advising numerous credit unions and banks around the country on marketing, advertising and the use of social media as a sales and brand tool. She has been writing on digital marketing and SEO for the past 3+ years. She understands the challenges of starting a digital program, creating a strategic plan, and the importance of measuring ROI, and specializes in providing multiple options and angles to build a program based on her own experience, and her involvement with other credit unions marketing teams around the country.

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Summary of Product Experience

Web Page

Madeline has written copy for two complete credit union websites representing hundreds of pages completed in the past 8 years.

Blog Post

Madeline has written numerous blog posts for her own travel blog, highlighting local state and national parks from the perspective of ADA accessibility, child safety and pet friendliness, as well as being a writer for her current employer's blog which she oversees, and which won an award within the first 6 months of publication, being recognized as one of the Top 20 Credit Union Blogs by Repaid.org.

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