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Gary is a semi-retired musician and a 14-year military veteran. While writing has always been a passion, limited free time did not allow him to pursue it as a career until several years ago, and it has all been uphill.

Gary’s works have been published on an array of websites to include environmental topics, travel, food, beer reviews, artists and music reviews, to whatever a particular assignment calls for. The descriptive manner in which he writes is also particularly suited for product endorsements. Gary maintains an active blog with substantial readership where he focuses on inspirational writings.

Gary has published one novel entitled "21 Guns Bid me Goodbye".


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On his active blog, Gary writes on a variety of topics, leaning toward the inspiration.

Industry Projects

  • Green Living50+
  • Music10+
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Green Living

Gary has written many articles for the website boutgreen.com. Subjects have included, green cleaning tips, green business, green cooking and green travel.


As a freelance writer, Gary has written artists and song reviews for tunesnews.com. As a previous nightclub owner, he wrote and managed all web content on the club's website.


Gary currently writes travel articles for the website goodlifereview.com. Subjects include budget and family travel.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post100+
  • Book1

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

On his active blog, Gary writes on a variety of topics, leaning toward the inspiration.


In addition to writing expert level content, Gary is the author of his self-penned book, "21 Guns Bid Me Goodbye".

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