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Ashley has been passionate about writing since the fourth grade. It became more of a thrill in her senior year of high school, when her English teacher covered semiotic deconstruction. That's when Ashley became hooked. Not only did she learn to question and analyze the world around her, she discovered how she could put those observations into words. After pursuing psychology and chemical dependency counseling in college, she opted to accept a position as Staff Writer at her hometown newspaper. After five short months as a writer, she was promoted to Managing Editor of the daily paper, a position she holds today.


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Throughout Ashley's career as a writer, she not only covered everyday crime cases at the local and county level, but covered a murder trial in its entirety, which was later featured on Dateline NBC and will soon be featured on Investigation Discovery.

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As a Staff Writer, Ashley provided at least one article per day, with topics ranging including but not limited to: Agriculture, crime, benefits, local government, community events, up-lifting feel-good stories, elections and election results, and school boards.

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