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Matt started writing in the 8th grade. Like most petulant teenagers, he had a fight with his mother that had no resolution. Immediately after the fight, he took pen to paper and "told" her how he really felt. When he was finished, there still wasn't any resolution between himself and his parental unit, but he felt a hell of a lot better.

Like most lazy-assed teens, he took to writing "poetry" because complete sentences terrified him. He produced nothing but dreck for the next four years. Eventually, he realized that poetry was more of a concept than a form and has since then embraced complete sentences.

Regardless, he kept writing well into adulthood. Small victories were won: a writing gig here, a guest blog there. Thankfully, since the Internet has evolved into the beast that it is, he can achieve modest, monetary success with the help of web sites like Writer Access.


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