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Ilana is a seasoned writer with published work in both the special needs/education industry (ADDitude Magazine, Friendship Circle, Specialisms, Fun and Function, My Special Needs Network, Stages Learning Materials and more). She also is a published author (A Tale of Two Souls) and has a personal blog site. You will enjoy her experiences and insights as well as professional wisdom. In addition to writing, Ilana does merchandising, product development, product video making and cataloging/web organization.


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Ilana is a published author (A Tale of Two Souls) with a blog that has over 100,000 views. She enjoys sharing her religious journey and experiences with insight and humor.


Ilana frequently blogs for the education industry with emphasis on ADHD, movement, sensory integration disorder and Autism


Ilana is a writer and physical therapist often using both backgrounds to inspire and educate clients and her readers.

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Ilana posts to Dunwoody Physical Therapy, Married to a Yid and Your Therapy Store


Ilana is a published author of A Tale of Two Souls, a book about her religious journey that combines insight and humor into her everyday life.

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