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Michael was raised in the mountains of coastal Northern California, and he longs for them always. He was brought up fishing, farming, and roving the rural landscape. Currently, he's a graduate student pursuing a master's degree in clinical social work. He splits his time between New York City and Western Massachusetts.

Most of Michael's writing experience has taken place in an academic or professional setting. For his undergraduate degree, he completed a thesis examining the historical and contemporary use of Buddhist koan practice in medieval China and American psychoanalysis. As an educational consultant, he has written grants, lessons, and project proposals. While consulting on an educational NGO in central China he produced short pieces of travel writing and coordinated by email a small network of educators and funders. Privately, he writes fiction and non-fiction. He sheepishly admits to dreams of making these works public, but has yet to do so.

Michael is an excellent candidate if you are looking for academic, popular, or technical writing about religion or spirituality (especially Eastern religions), travel, food, education, history, agriculture, mental health, and social justice.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Travel has always been a central feature of Michael's life. He has lived in London, South Africa, China, Oregon, Washington, New England, and New York. Movement, landscape, and adventure are always prominent in Michael's writing. Below is a sample from a short piece about a long night's drive between Portland, Oregon and San Francisco, California.


In 2010 Michael completed an academic thesis on Buddhist Koan usage in American psychoanalysis. To help understand what was being seen in the modern West, Michael examined a brief period of history in Song Dynasty China. Below is an excerpt from a portion of Michael's thesis telling the story of a particular Chan (the Chinese Zen) master named Dahui Zonggao and his contribution to Koan study.


Michael's experiences in education primarily involved crafting lessons, grants, and networking with other organizations to fulfill the needs of various projects. Provided below is an excerpt from a lesson plan that was designed as an early part of a sequence on soil science. This lesson was developed by Michael while managing a school garden program near Xian, China.

Product Projects

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Summary of Product Experience


Michael has written grants and project proposals for school garden programs in California and China. These grants and projects focused on procurement strategies, educational programs, and garden infrastructure. Michael's grants were successful on many accounts, but not on all. He successfully funded an expansive Farm to School program in his home district with a series of large and small grants supporting a network of projects oriented around food, agriculture, and sustainability projects in the classroom. Below is a sample from a grant application for a local foods procurement program.

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