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Michael has written a large amount of academic papers from his time in college at the University of New Hampshire on a variety of topics, ranging from politics to sports to philosophy. Since graduating, his writing took a backseat as he pursued a career in both the sports and restaurant industries, but he's now ready to pick up the pen again and return to writing.
A versatile writer, Michael is comfortable well in either short- or long-formats, and on a variety of topics.
Some of his favorite authors include Charles Dickens, Kurt Vonnegut, and Cervantes.


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Industry Projects

  • Business10+
  • Sports10+
  • Politics5

Summary of Industry Experience


Michael has written numerous business papers, varying in topic from economic theory to effective management styles.


Michael has written extensively on sports, with a particular passion for football, baseball, and ice hockey. Capable of writing in AP format, or free-form columns.


Michael has a bit more limited experience writing regarding politics, as he tries to avoid controversy. However, when he does have a strong opinion, he isn't necessarily afraid to share it and make comments on the topics of the day.

Product Projects

  • Facebook Post100+
  • Web Page3
  • Speech3

Summary of Product Experience

Facebook Post

Michael is very active on his Facebook profile, and has also managed the profile of one of his former employers. A member since the early days of Facebook in 2004, he is very comfortable working within the format of Facebook.

Web Page

Michael developed 3 web pages during his time at the University of New Hampshire, writing original content for all 3.


In his time, Michael hasn't written too many speeches, but his most memorable performance came at his best friend's wedding when his Best Man's speech brought people to tears.

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