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For as long as she could remember, writing had always been one of Faye's great passions. She still saves a 1st grade writing assignment, now crumpled and yellowing, displaying the declaration that "I will be an author when I grow up so I can write books and tell people stories."

While it didn't exactly work out that way, the passion never waned. Throughout elementary and junior high school, Faye wrote creatively. She was entered into writing contests and won awards, but the real reward was the release that writing provided her. It was one of the few activities that completely absorbed her, to the point of losing track of time.

As she grew older, Faye's education necessitated an increased focus on academic writing. She enjoyed the research this entailed, along with the analysis of various perspectives in drawing and articulating her own conclusions. Faye's fellow students took notice of the accolades she received, and began asking her to review and provide feedback on their essays as well. She embraced this challenge, appreciating the opportunity to further refine her skillset.

After receiving her college degree, Faye continued her career in business. Her various jobs required the development of documentation that was more technical in nature and geared towards adult learners and corporate decision makers. She became experienced in the areas of business proposal development, software and hardware training documentation, Human Resource documentation, business strategy articulation, ROI substantiation, production issue analysis and resolution, and customer-facing communications.

Faye earned her Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, and continued writing articles and papers on the phases of project management, iterative vs. waterfall methodologies, risk considerations, software development tips, and other items related to project management and product development. In multiple roles at various organizations, she was asked to provide final editorial approval for a variety of written content, including customer-facing marketing and issue resolution communications, CRM application content and GUI design, customer-facing e-commerce web content, organizational policy and procedure documentation, and business strategy proposals. In her most recent role, Faye managed a team responsible for all policy and procedure and project-related documentation for a Wholesale Treasury Management department within a Top 5 financial services institution.

In addition to the business writing that Faye has completed or managed, she continues to write creatively in her spare time. She began a family/parenting blog in 2012, and is in the process of developing content for a new and expanded lifestyle blog. Faye also contributes to various other blogs, including travel and business-related blogs. In her personal and professional circles, she has become the "go to" person for developing and editing resumes, web content, professional letters, business plans, and articles. She has even been asked to help write and edit personal letters!

In short, the passion that Faye had for writing as a young child continues to grow as her skillset expands. She has become a capable and committed writer for many genres, and hopes to continue to learn and cultivate her skills through new opportunities.
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Faye has a wide range of writing experience, both professional and personal. Professionally, she specializes in technical writing, training documentation, policies/procedures, process documentation, customer marketing and servicing correspondence, web content, white papers, and root cause analyses. Personally, she specializes in blog posts, web content, resumes, cover letters, email correspondence, and various types of articles. Faye is flexible and able to adjust her style to suit a variety of genres and audiences.


Faye is curious by nature and has various interests that she enjoys learning and writing about. As a mother, Faye enjoys writing about parenthood and family matters. As part of her cultural pursuits, Faye loves trying new restaurants and recipes, and sharing these with others. She is interested in technology, and spends much of her time reading about trends and new solutions. Faye also loves travel, and meticulously documents her experiences in her personal journals to share with friends and family as they plan their own trips. Recently, she has become increasingly interested in life goals and coaching, trying to better understand what motivates people in their careers, personal lives, and decisions.


University of California, Riverside

Faye attended the University of California, Riverside (UCR) for her first year coursework. She majored in Psychology, leveraging her past experiences as a peer counselor, volunteer, and writer of psychology-related essays and articles. Faye enjoyed her time at UCR, but ultimately made the difficult decision to transfer to a college that was geographically closer to her professional obligations after her freshman course year.

California State University, Fullerton

Faye graduated Cum Laude from California State University, Fullerton with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. She was also awarded membership in the Golden Key National Honors Society. Faye earned her degree by attending classes full-time in the evening, so that she could continue to work full-time during the day in order to fully self-finance her education.


1,600 Projects Completed

Faye worked in the captive finance industry for two large Japanese automobile manufacturers for several years. Her roles in this capacity included Customer Service & Collections Manager, Project/Product Manager (Business Process Owner), Project Analyst, Technical Writer/Trainer, and Customer Service. Throughout her tenure, Faye became very experienced in all aspects of captive finance, including loan origination, servicing, collections, vehicle remarketing, cash management and accounting, and project management. She had the opportunity to be a part of extensive CRM and mainframe consolidation programs for both organizations, as well as to develop and implement a new Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, help outsource customer service functions, and centralize all cash management functions. Faye achieved many accolades in this industry which led to roles of increasing responsibility and influence.


1,400 Projects Completed

Faye has worked for almost a decade for a large Top 5 bank. During that time, she has worked as a Sourcing and Placement Manager, Senior Project Manager, Production Issue Management Manager, and Business Process Manager. In these roles, Faye has become experienced with various types of writing assignments including business strategy proposals, presentations, policies and procedures, customer-facing marketing and servicing communications, technical production issue description/troubleshooting/root cause analyses, personnel performance reviews, and all types of project and program documentation. Faye has received many accolades for her work which has resulted in the opportunity to manage increasingly critical and high-profile assignments, while also providing final editorial approval for customer-facing communications. In addition, she was asked to create and manage a new department responsible for all policies, procedures, and business processes for the bank's Wholesale Treasury Management division.


55 Projects Completed

Faye began her parenting/family blog in 2012, shortly after the birth of her first son. She has used it as a platform to describe her experiences and reflections on being a first time mother of "advanced maternal age." Faye's posts include product reviews, lists, and personal insights as she navigates the path of motherhood lined with uncertainty and well-meaning advice. She is currently in the process of developing a second expanded lifestyle blog complete with new content and focus.

Email Copy

1,000 Projects Completed

Faye is a seasoned email copywriter, having provided these services for many years. She is experienced in all types of email copy, including formal, marketing, customer-facing, and requesting timely action. In her job as a manager for a Top 5 bank, she was asked to review, edit, and approve all mass customer-facing emails before they were distributed. Faye understands appropriate email tone, delivery, and verbiage to suit her audience when developing email copy. She is also successful in soliciting responses and/or actions with the various types of emails she sends.

Web Page

101 Projects Completed

Faye is experienced in web page content design and development. In her professional roles, she has helped develop internal and external websites and content for large financial services institutions, including internal intranet sites, training sites, policy/procedure sites, various external customer servicing sites, and e-commerce sites. She has led several UI design efforts, editing and recommending changes before providing approval as appropriate. Personally, she has also developed and managed her own e-commerce and blog sites, as well as helped business owner friends develop theirs. Faye enjoys web content and display development, and is interested in continuing to leverage her skill set in this area.

Blog Post

56 Projects Completed

After several years of contributing posts to various travel, lifestyle, and business blogs, Faye finally began her own parenting/family blog after the birth of her first child in 2012. She is now in the process of developing new content for an expanded lifestyle blog scheduled to launch later this year. Concurrently, Faye continues to contribute posts to various business, travel, and lifestyle blogs, as well as to the personal and professional blogs of friends and colleagues.

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