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Caitlyn C. is a well-rounded professional full time editor seeking to enrich her career through freelance opportunities and creative pursuits. As Associate Editor of Sampsonia Way Magazine, she oversees a team of international journalists and human rights activists, writing on issues impeding freedom of expression around the world. She has published work by writers exiled from El Salvador, Honduras, Ethiopia, Cuba, and elsewhere. She regularly interviews endangered writers and persecuted journalists about the issues they face in their home countries. A writer both inside and outside of the office, her creative essays have twice been nominated twice for the Pushcart Prize. Caitlyn's most recent freelancing experience includes writing the second edition of Reading Shakespeare Today: Hamlet, a classroom text that provide a scene-by-scene literary analysis of the tragedy and historical perspective on Shakespeare's life and work.
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Caitlyn specializes in education, journalism, and research-based writing, as well as editing creative manuscripts.


Education, social justice, human rights, literature, history, journalism.


University of Pittsburgh

Graduated summa cum laude with a 4.0 major GPA

Carlow University

PRAXIS score of 199 on English Lang, Lit & Com: Content Knowledge
PRAXIS score of 171 on Social Studies: Content Knowledge


15 Projects Completed

As editor of Sampsonia Way Magazine, an online publication dedicated to promoting freedom of expression and social justice, Caitlyn conducts interviews with persecuted writers who have been exiled from their countries due to political pressure. Each interview is published with 1-2 paragraphs of background summarizing the political climate the writer faces in his or her country.


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While she was earning her Master's in Secondary Education, Caitlyn spent three years working in K-12 classrooms across the Pittsburgh Public Schools. Her industry experience qualified her to write lesson plans that were implemented in middle and high school classrooms and to provide copy for the second edition of Reading Shakespeare Today: Hamlet, an educational book used in classrooms as a supplement to the play.

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50 Projects Completed

At Sampsonia Way Magazine, Caitlyn is responsible for all social media marketing, using Facebook and Twitter to alert the magazine's 18,000 followers to new material and boost web traffic from multiple countries. Here is a sample of an effective post, which reached over 3,000 people on Facebook with a marketing budget of only $3.


9 Projects Completed

Caitlyn has written essays and articles for a number of literary publications, including Medium's Human Parts collection. Some of those pieces have been nominated for the prestigious Pushcart Prize. Her work has also been taught in the University of Pittsburgh's Creative Writing Department. Here is a sample from one essays, published first at Defunct Magazine and then solicited by and sold to Medium.

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