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Eric has written since high school, beginning with music reviews for his high school paper. Since then, he has written for local news (the Westfield Leader), bringing a new focus on local music. He has scheduled and conducted interviews, written reviews, and made a contact list of individuals for new artists for future stories. He has also written the first two novels of a fantasy trilogy, The Lightrider Journals, which have been self published through iUniverse.com. He also promotes the books and his love of writing with a personal blog that analyzes the style of pop culture and finds the elements that young writers can utilize.


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As an author, Eric promotes his work and expertise on his wordpress blog, where he analyzes pop culutre and established work to show writers the secrets of good writing. He has examined the works of established authors (Ray Bradbury, Stephen King, Terry Brooks), television (Avatar: The Last Airbender), books (Dragonlance Chronicles, Dracula) comics (Marvel/DC) and film (Star Wars, Back to the Future, The THing), to give writers a better understanding of what constitutes good (and bad) writing. He annually complies horror and holiday lists for the months of October and December respectively.


Eric has written for multiple years on the local music scene in Westfield NJ, finding local artists, conducting interviews and reviews, as well as speaking with more established artists (Richie Havens, Pat Dinizo). He has also written online reviews for the media website Suite101.com, compiling lists of rock history, reviews of current pop songs, and current events in the music world.

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Eric maintains a personal blog for his book promotion and to anazyle the writing content of pop culture, using film, TV, books, authors and even music as examples.


Eric has written two novels in the fantasy series, The Lightrider Journals. Published through iUniverse, the novels follow the story of Joseph Hashimoto, a man brought back from the dead as leader of the Elementals, a group dedicated to balancing good and evil. Powered by the elements, the Elementals work to manage the hidden worlds of magic and monsters humanity doesn't see, so that the Chaos Demons, the ancient enemies of existence, stay locked away.

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