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Samantha has enjoyed writing from a young age, and was honored to have poems and short stories chosen for a variety of publications in the late 90'a and early 2000's. She began her journey of writing more seriously with her first entry into NaNoWriMo in 2010, where she self published her first book. Since then, she has hosted numerous personal and niche blogs, as well as submitting many articles with excellent feedback. She currently works for a software development company as a personal assistant and blogger, traveling throughout the state to research and observe technology, start up culture, and innovation. The goal of this blog is to not only spread information, but to help her local community grow and thrive.


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Samantha worked in the public schools for 7 years in varying capacities. From preschool through 8th grade, as well as general education, special education, and after school. Through those experiences, she is now an enthusiastic homeschooler to her 7 year old son. She is knowledgable in state law and state curriculum standards, as well as time management, research, and curriculum building and implementation. She carries an advanced understanding of the many different styles of homeschooling, including online public school, charter school, and unschooling.


As a 30something year old woman, Samantha has experienced many types of relationships. From a decade of emotional abuse, to playing the field and enjoying casual sex, to deep and committed polyamory, she has a lot to offer in the way of making relationships work. Communication, direct honesty, and ownership over ones own feelings are at the cornerstone of her feminist perspective.


Travel to locations throughout California to observe and research tech and start up culture. Compile information from interviews, research, and observation into blog posts for the purpose of growing the local community.

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Samantha has been blogging since the mid 2000's, with varying levels of success. Many of her blogs gained a large following, especially opinion pieces. She is excellent at conveying feeling and tone in a wide variety of topics.

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