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Nicole Fortune has spent the last 30 years writing training manuals, non-fiction, poetry and prose. She has experience in many fields and has traveled throughout the country on her own as well as London, Paris and Montreal. She speaks and reads French, reads Spanish and is spending her free time getting her feet wet through self-teaching the language of Farsi. She has written and edited for school magazines and newspapers as well as for work-related assignments.

Her first passion is poetry and mythology and has written many short stories in the fantasy tradition.
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The arts and music are Nicole's passion but she has professional experience in the fields of counseling, education and human resources. She has a Master's in Public Administration and is comfortable writing on controversial and political topics.


Nicole's interests include journalism, language, art, glass work, human rights and community activism. She also investigates epidemiology research and has served on a board on just that in the past for UMASS in Worcester, MA.


Suffolk University

Nicole began her education at Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts right behind the State house and Boston Commons. She was in an academic scholars program- Archer Fellows and was able to attend seminars throughout her education covering special topics such as Archetypal Psychology, Buddhist Meditation and Study and Writing Poetry.

Ashford University

Nicole attended Ashford University and received her Master's in 2012. Her favorite topics included Group Dynamics and Urban Planning.


35 Projects Completed

Nicole has many essays that she has written regarding her educational background in public administration. She also has written extensively as a small business owner. Most recently she has been writing personal stories.

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How to Set Up a Jewelry Business

Easy enough! It takes a lot of time and energy and money and time and passion for your craft---but as long as you can get through that---you got it licked. I have set up a business for my handmade jewelry that has been a full time hobby for me for years.

Buy your supplies.--This includes your jewelry making supplies, what you are going to need for your jewelry shows and what you will need for packing and sending your orders. Here is a starter list---You will add to this in order to make it yours so if I don’t mention it, just add it to your list.
Hobby Lobby and Ebay are my suggestions in purchasing your jewelry making materials.
You are going to need storage boxes---they cost about 3 dollars each. I generally have ten of them-five for findings and silver spacer beads and five for beads.
You will need plenty of beads, wire, tiger tail, beading needles, clasps, toggles, and anything else you may want to add to your pieces such as sea glass or shells.
You will need a table, chairs, notebook, pens, receipt pads, address book for your growing mailing list, business cards, a mirror, table cloth, displays, storage containers---the big ones in order to lug this stuff around to craft and art shows.
You will need to make the jewelry.
You will need a digital camera.
You will need a website and on it you should have a blog.
You can research upcoming shows through the art and craft show sites.
You will need a calendar.
You will need some cash to make change and pay for your space.
You will need a great salesperson with you to help market your pieces to customers.
You will need lots of optimism and a good attitude.

I have also set up complete glass studios--it is equally as difficult to maintain and the start up costs for it range between 2 and 3 K. Totally worth it though. Finding an industrial space can be difficult as you will not be able to run the O2 or propane gases in your own house. Even with an industrial vent it is toxic to breathe the fumes. I have done it and almost passed out more than once. I started working outside, which can get hot or cold in the extreme seasons.

I have gone further with marketing supplies and purchased tote bags, t-shirts, postcards, posters and banners. Vistaprint is awesome. They give you great deals and when you are a start up customer they give you the first 250 cards for free.

For glass supplies, my suggestion in Jen-Ken for your kiln and Wale for your supplies. Northstar has the best selection of borosilicate available. You will need; hoses, torches, flashback arresters, an oxygen and a propane gage, oxygen and propane tanks, a metal table and chairs, mandrels, bead release, tools and glass. It is the best fun I have ever had and miss it completely. I can’t wait until I can get this going again.

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