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Brooklyn had been creating quality, written content, freelance and full-time for over 4 years. She is punctual, precise and teeming with creative passion. Brooklyn's easy to work with attitude has propelled her to the fore-front of every endeavor she has embarked on. Brooklyn has studied written literature, and the art of content creating, e-marketing and social media from some of the best instructors in the U.S. She is currently seeking to partner with a few more long-term clients and expand her general knowledge of information sharing.


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Brooklyn has been working with animals professionally for over ten years. While having basic familiarity with household pets like cats, fish, ferrets, birds, rodents, and reptiles, she is very knowledgeable in the specific areas of dog breeding and showing. Brooklyn volunteered at local shelters and spent thousands of hours caring for her pets as well as those belonging to clients. Livestock animals are also close company, especially horses. Brooklyn began training horses eight years ago, and attended the College of Central Florida to obtain an Equine Exercise Physiology degree. Brooklyn competed on her local IDA team and has worked for several trainers. Horses are her passion and her livelihood. She practices equine massage therapy and is a rehabilitation specialist at Salt Creek Stables of Tampa, Fl; as well as their resident Show Groom.


Brooklyn has always has a passion for gaming. She has played on most platforms from Sega Genesis to the XBOX One. She designed her current PC, which is her platform of choice. While she tends to favor fantasy based RPGs. MMO Action RPG's, FPS, City-builders, and RTS's hold a special place in her collection as well. When asked what her favorite game of all time was, Brooklyn stated that The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was a childhood classic that captured her imagination and later obsession with all things fantasy based. The mount Epona, even spurring her passion for horses. Anytime Brooklyn is not working, she is gaming or reading a fantasy/science fiction novel. She loves the culture that being an avid gamer has welcomed her into, and is a frequent Comic-con attendee. While she admits that being called a "GamerGirl" is undoubtedly a faux pas in the modern world; it does however, fit a very specific niche and can often be huge asset, separating her in perspective, from the majority of gamers.

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Informative articles for the base of my e-content writing. They are the articles you might find yourself reading about "Healthy Eating Habits for Women" or "Top Fantasy Podcasts."

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Brooklyn has been sharing her insight and passions enthusiastically via the blog medium for over five years.

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