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As a senior-level communicator for global corporations, Mike has written, edited and managed verbal content for a variety of industries in practically every medium where words appear: websites, white papers, presentations, articles, advertisements, email, conference displays--you name it. His particular strength is B2B marketing communication, speaking to audiences about complex, even dry topics in a way that engages his readers and compels them to action. Mike has been the voice for CEOs, the face for corporations, and the verbal backbone for enterprises seeking to articulate value, inform, and persuade. Mike is also an expert editor, with an eagle eye who quotes chapter and verse from the Chicago Manual of Style to ensure that every message is free of grammatical barriers to clarity.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Mike was a corporate communications manager for global engineering and construction firms for 11 years, helping professionals articulate their brand value to a variety of industry verticals: automotive, aviation, chemicals, consumer goods, food & beverage, general manufacturing, and infrastructure providers (power, water, telecommunications). If you seek clear, crisp, industry-savvy communication that "sells the invisible," Mike is your experienced resource.

Real Estate

For seven years, Mike worked as the senior communicator for "the world's largest landlord," a global industrial real estate firm with half a billion square feet of logistics and distribution space under roof. Coupled with mixed-use commercial real estate experience, this wealth of real estate knowledge serves clients well who need to articulate the value of buildings and land. Mike is well versed in the business terminology that speaks to clients and brokers in practically any medium.

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Summary of Product Experience


Who reads ads anymore? We all do, in some form, every day. But as the marketplace crowds and attention spans shrink, the need for breakthrough ad copy that conveys benefit and authenticity is more important than ever. In twenty years of marketing for major corporations, Mike has written and edited scores of ads and campaigns that have appeared online and in print in Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, and numerous trade publications.

Web Page

From local service providers to global enterprises, Mike has created and managed web copy for organizations of all sizes and shapes. He knows how to speak to audiences where they live in SEO language that helps potential clients and customers find what they're looking for. Mike also has led complex processes for identifying target audiences (personas), establishing selling propositions, developing brand strategies, and creating content that makes websites come alive and engage visitors.


Gone are the days of the long-copy marketing vehicle, say the pundits. Not so, says the marketplace, where expertly written, superbly executed brochures still find their way into the hands of premium customers in the market for everything from luxury automobiles to exquisite properties to investment portfolios worth millions of dollars. For long-copy brochures, you need a writer who can produce elegant copy that sells without sounding sales-y. Mike has the finesse and high level of professionalism needed for such pieces. Working closely with graphic design, Mike deftly handles the tone and placement of copy with image to produce the imagination-capturing effect that high-end brochures are designed to achieve.

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