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Ashley is a writer and psychology student who has seven years of experience as a freelancer. In this time, her work has appeared in financial magazines and on lifestyle blogs. Hands-on experience with relationships, pets, health, and travel contribute to Ashley’s ability to develop pieces that are both thought-provoking and helpful.


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Industry Projects

  • Travel100+
  • Pets100+
  • Relationships50+

Summary of Industry Experience


Ashley began writing travel blurbs for hotel chains early on. Now, she writes about her own experiences traveling. Ashley focuses on tips for exciting road trips and how to find amazing destinations.


As a lifelong pet owner, Ashley has extensive experience with pets. Her experience with cats extends beyond understanding the behavioral aspects and delves into the physical.


With experience providing advice and in promoting positivity, Ashley has provided numerous projects with a focus on building and maintaining relationships of all kinds. Ashley's educational background in psychology has made it easy for her to provide content that focuses on avoiding family drama and establishing healthy romantic connections, all with casual candor.

Product Projects

  • Article1,000+
  • Blog Post1,000+
  • Web Page100+
  • Catalog100+

Summary of Product Experience


Ashley has been writing articles for magazines, newsletters, websites, and other publications for seven years. She's completed thousands of projects successfully for hundreds of clients. Ashley has been published in magazines focusing on women's issues, lifestyle issues, finances, business, and literature.

Blog Post

Ashley has been blogging for more than seven years, working for businesses and organizations. Her work extends to blogs kept up by medical professionals to personal lifestyle blogs.

Web Page

Ashley's experience with web page writing extends to creating entire websites for local artists, business owners, and even reality shows. She creates compelling content that entices a reader to make a purchase or continue reading on.


Ashley has written catalog descriptions for a variety of companies, including a paint line. In addition to product descriptions, she has also written enticing summaries for books, ensuring that shoppers understand who will enjoy the book. She has found that book summaries are quite similar to product descriptions for catalogs. The buyer needs to understand who will enjoy the product and how.

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