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Angelia was born with a pen in her hand (well practically). Long before she could actually write words on paper, she spun tall tales and great philosophical ponderings to nearly anyone who would listen. Once Angelia could actually hold a pen and carve out letters into words, she began writing short stories and poems. She wrote her first award winning short story in third grade (first place in her elementary school creative fair). Shortly after her success at the fair, she entered one of her poems into a writing contest she had stumbled upon in some magazine in her doctor's waiting room. She, yet again, felt the sweet taste of acceptance when she received a letter notifying her that her poem had been selected to appear in some book of poems. This only encouraged her to continue to write non-stop. Her free time in elementary school and middle school was overwhelmingly spent writing stories or poems. As Angelia ventured into high school, she began to expand into the nonfictional realm of writing as well. She joined her school's newspaper and gain some experience writing both hard news and soft news stories. After high school, Angelia joined the Air Force where she learned about a whole new species of writing: technical writing. She wrote enough official letters, packages, and performance reports to wallpaper a nice three bedroom house somewhere in suburbia. Later, she attended college and earned her bachelor's degree in English education. During her college years, she wrote numerous essays, term papers, research papers, and the like. She was selected twice to present at the Sigma Tau Delta national conference. After college, Angelia began her career as a teacher. She taught intensive reading and English to high school juniors.


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Angelia started writing articles for her high school newspaper. She continued writing articles throughout college.

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Angelia is first and foremost a student. She has always loved learning and education in general. In addition, she has taught in an early education center as well as in a high school. In the early education center, she taught children from 6 weeks to three years in age. She has also been an intensive reading and English teacher at an inner city high school. She worked with parents and students from various backgrounds through innumerable situations, requirements, and desires.


Angelia has been a member of a family since her birth. She has always been a younger sister and the 'baby' of the family. She is a loving wife and is also a mother of three children ranging in age from eight to two. Angelia is expecting her fourth child in mid-November. She has experienced the joys, pains, and embarrassments of parenting throughout the years. She knows that parenting is a one-of-a-kind adventure.


Angelia is an avid reader. She also loves the movies and going to plays. Actually she loves literature in all its forms. In fact, she attempts to have as much entertainment as she possibly can. Angelia is not only a bystander in her entertainment, she loves to dig deeper into the meaning behind the literature.

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Angelia started writing articles for her high school newspaper. She continued writing articles throughout college.

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