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Shannon completed the MatadorU travel writing course in February of 2015. Since then, she has become a leading contributor to Matador Network, the world's largest independently owned travel site with 13 million unique monthly visitors, and has had work featured on sites such as Business Insider, BBC Travel, BrandUSA, and Cracked. She's an avid traveler who is able to travel the globe while still meeting her deadlines and providing unique and engaging content for her readers and clients.


She specializes in destination pieces, inspiring tourists to visit the back roads of her destinations and locals to see their place with a fresh feel. She also covers culturally relevant pieces with a touch of poetic grit.


Traveling, stouts, porters, food that makes her sweat, sustainable tourism management, the outdoors, train travel, and hearing the stories of everyone she meets along the way.


47 Projects Completed

Shannon focuses primarily on travel writing and is one of the leading contributors for Matador Network, the world's largest independently owned travel site with 13 million unique monthly visitors. She has experience in writing about the American South, producing socially and culturally relevant pieces while adding her gritty flare and humor to each sentence she crafts.


20 Projects Completed

Growing up in the South, Shannon is no stranger to delicious - and sometimes pretty ridiculous - food. This is often showcased in her articles.


10 Projects Completed

Shannon has been sent on press trips to cover music angles, particularly producing content on Nashville's music and culture.


100 Projects Completed

Shannon has produced over 100 articles for various sites such as Matador Network, BBC Travel, Business Insider, Cracked, Listverse, and Oregon Quarterly. She works diligently to give readers a fresh take on the world around us and encourages others to explore the globe.

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