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Christina has over 10 years of writing experience covering a variety of niches. She's particularly fond of writing about real estate, its trends and how to navigate the niche as a buyer, seller or investor. With a Masters Degree in accounting, she also knows how to touch base on the important concepts while still relaying the information in simple layman's terms. During her 10 year career, she has written tens of thousands of product descriptions, thousands of blogs, articles and buying guides.
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Christina specializes in real estate writing, accounting topics and crafting. She holds a Masters Degree in accounting, giving her the experience and knowledge for crafting well-honed pieces.


In addition to writing, Christina loves to craft and is often seen with some crafting materials in her hands. She also enjoys spending time with her family and dreaming about traveling the world.


SUNY IT Utica/Rome

Christina attended SUNY IT for two years to complete her MS in Accountancy. She is three classes shy of obtaining her completed degree and has plans to finish it in 2016.

Real Estate

112 Projects Completed

Christina has written a variety of content types in the real estate niche. She's always studying the trends and looking to help buyers and sellers alike in making well-informed decisions.


100 Projects Completed

Traveling is one of Christina's passions and she's always looking for ways to travel around the world, sometimes on a budget. Not only can she write articles that show readers inside tips on how to save money, she even offers lesser-known tips that help readers take their vacations to a whole new level.


20 Projects Completed

In addition to being a writer, Christina loves to craft and likes to contribute to several blogs as a ghostwriter. Her completed works include DIY projects with in-depth instructions and pictures, and tips for running a craft business.

Product Description

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Christina has written tens of thousands of product descriptions for various clients, including big box retail stores. She works hard to determine the clients needs, specific formats and tone. Product descriptions have ranged from 50 words to 750 words.

Blog Post

1,014 Projects Completed

Christina enjoys writing blog posts, especially those that let her inject personality and really reach out to grab the reader's attention. She has written in several niches ranging from travel to real estate and crafts to pet care. There's no topic she's not willing to tackle and research is her forte.

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