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Barbara K. loves to write, and her affinity for putting pen to paper (real and virtual) shows. She creates articles, blog posts, and more on a wide variety of topics. Her diverse writings appear on her own blog and the web sites of corporations, educational institutions, health care providers, realtors, travel advisers, and environmental concerns.
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children's literature, books, reading, nutrition


books, reading, health, nutrition, wildlife


University of Oklahoma

Barbara K. has always been an enthusiastic learner. When she began her college career, she wanted to combine her devotion to scholarship with the opportunity to make a difference. Barbara discovered that a career as a librarian would allow her to accomplish this goal. Barbara's academic career was enhanced by her ability to conduct effective research and write quality essays and term papers in a timely manner.

University of Michigan

Barbara K. has been a bibliophile as long as she can remember. When she decided to combine her enjoyment of reading with a keen interest in scholarly research and a desire to make a positive difference in people's lives into a career, Barbara discovered that the library profession was a perfect fit. Once she began her studies, she chose a variety of courses to ensure that she could work in different types of libraries: academic, public, and specialized.


50 Projects Completed

Barbara K. is an enthusiastic and dedicated librarian. The same qualities that stand her in good stead in the library profession also contribute to her success as a writer. Attention to detail, the ability to locate information on any subject with little or no advance notice, devotion to learning, and the capacity to think critically and creatively (and to help young people develop these capabilities) are the hallmarks of great librarians and quality writers.

After earning a B.A. from the University of Oklahoma and a Master of Arts in Library Science from the prestigious University of Michigan, Barbara worked in a college library and as a librarian in a religious organization and its school. Her experiences as her children's first teacher paved the way for a new facet of her career: school librarianship.

Like every member of her profession, Barbara is a bibliophile. She is able to read more than one book at a time and, when she finishes one, write an informative, detailed, and attention-getting review for her site or any other venue. Barbara also regularly receives requests from publishers to read and review their books. In addition, she composes promotional materials and fascinating articles about reading, information sources, must-read books, and notable authors.


40 Projects Completed

Barbara K. writes articles on topics ranging from animals to 21st-century medical advances. She is an avid researcher whose enthusiasm and natural curiosity about everything in our world show in the articles she writes. Her pieces appear in a variety of locations, including corporate, educational, environmental, travel, and health care sites.

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Barbara K. has maintained a blog and a book review site for many years. She writes about books, natural phenomena, memorable travel destinations, seasonal celebrations, and myriad other topics. Barbara's fascination with all aspects of the world we live in, from the seemingly everyday to the awe-inspring, make her an enthusiastic observer whose perceptions attract a wide variety of readers.

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