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Jennifer is an experienced editor and writer. She's worked in several fields: academia, public broadcasting, technical writing, and more - but her true love and primary niche is human-interest writing and creative nonfiction.

She's the editor of a large Minnesota lifestyle magazine, which gives her the opportunity every week to keep her own writing skills fresh, to edit others' work down the last detail (from story conception to copyediting and proofreading), and to work with a large art and production team on the design of the magazine.

Jennifer does a variety of freelance and contract work in addition to her main "glossy" gig; mostly, she edits clients' academic articles, blog posts, fiction work, magazine stories and more. She also provides detailed and thorough copyediting services, drawing on her long editorial experience and mastery of grammar and mechanics, and of AP and Chicago styles.


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Jennifer is an editor of a large regional ifestyle magazine and an experienced writer in that field. She has published hundreds of magazine articles on topics like beauty and style, health and wellness, kids and education, food and dining, philanthropy, and more.

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Jennifer is an experienced magazine and blog writer, on a wide variety of topics: food and dining; health and wellness; children, parenting, and education; beauty and style; community events and nonprofits; business; and more.

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Jennifer pens a lifestyle blog about Upper Midwestern culture, language, food and more. She focuses particularly on Scandinavian-American heritage and the ins-and-outs of life on her modern-day prairie homestead.

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