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Brandon has been writing for years, just not professionally. He has preferred to keep his writing to himself and use it as an outlet for his feelings, almost as a way to get through some of the things he has had to endure in his life. Brandon spent 10 years of his life serving in the United States Air Force and during this time he has taken courses in English through Southern New Hampshire University and the University of Phoenix. He has also written numerous short stories in hopes of one day becoming a published writer. His works range from fantasy to research and from non-fiction to science fiction. His ultimate goal is to use this a stepping stone to hone his skills as a writer and become a published writer, and someone that everyone wants him to write for. He appreciates your time and consideration on the matter. Thank you.


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Brandon has experience in the auto industry through school as well as through personal projects and jobs. He has worked in an automobile restoration shop where they built NCRS(National Corvette Restoration Society) correct Corvettes, he has also worked for a tractor trailer dealership working on big trucks such as Department of Transportation vehicles.

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Brandon has written short stories on a Blog in the past. They were fantasy stories that ranged from one page to three pages and were made up of different subject matter to include mature themes, sports and other fun activities.

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