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When it comes to the art of writing, Bryan is meticulous about grammar and proofreading. He has composed dozens of essays and research projects in both English and Italian for graduate and undergraduate coursework; mostly these have been analyses of literature and culture (prose, poetry, films, literary theory). His experience extends to the underpaid work of guiding quasi-literate, tech-immersed students in the effective critique of their own argumentation and mechanics. Emotionally speaking, he has more or less recovered from his role as instructor for college composition classes such as Expository Writing and Scientific and Technical Writing. Under contract with Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, he and a close colleague selected and edited a series of essays that explore the depiction and significance of dream states in Italian cinema. Together they also crafted the critical introduction to those essays. Despite the non-stop excitement offered by life within academia, Bryan enjoys writing creatively in his free time and aspires to have his tales published in the near future, hoping eager readers will still be around.
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Essay writing, literary theory, social media, business correspondence, summaries, writing pedagogy, puns, imagery, catchy titles


Languages, travel, all things Italy, politics, philosophy, home improvement, movies, television, cooking, baseball, soccer, tennis, hiking, skiing


Georgetown University

After entering college as a pre-med biochemistry major, Bryan reaffirmed his love of liberal arts and languages when he enrolled in another Italian course. From there it was smooth sailing to a full-immersion study abroad experience at the University of Florence in Italy during the Spring 2002 semester, an unforgettable experience that led to linguistic fluency.

Georgetown University offered an outstanding course of studies to obtain a B.A. in the College of Arts and Sciences. Bryan enjoyed a variety of disciplines from intro philosophy and theology classes to more intensive coursework for both of his majors.

Rutgers University

Bryan has completed all coursework and exams leading up to the award of Ph.D. Completion of the doctoral dissertation remains, and Bryan has decided to put this pursuit on hold as he explores his opportunities and heads in a new professional direction.


25 Projects Completed

Bryan has completed numerous term papers for courses with topics ranging from literature, literary theory, cultural studies, psychology, history, and linguistics.


8 Projects Completed

Once again, in reference to his regrettably under-utilized blog, Bryan has contributed occasional humorous insights and jabs in response to a few popular TV shows, political issues, and (typically unnerving) personal situations.


4 Projects Completed

On his regrettably under-utilized blog Bryan has contributed occasional original commentary in response to a few popular TV shows and specific episodes.

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1,000 Projects Completed

Bryan has maintained his own personal Facebook page with at least one original posting each day. While these are often delivered as whims or spontaneous utterances, he does attempt to weave together humorous insights that alternate between irony and absurdity, sarcasm and playfulness.

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In lieu of a journal, Bryan has attempted - and mostly ignored - a personal accounting of observations, frustrations, insights, and insanity from the world around him.

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