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A graduate with distinction from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a Master of Arts degree in Education from the University of California at Berkeley, ML is a production professional & writer, assisting the producers of the Academy Award ® winning film, HUSTLE & FLOW and the CBS Paramount television series, "Cuts." As a freelancer in 2010, she co-wrote an episode of the situation comedy, "Let's Stay Together" (BET). In 2006, ML scripted what was then the highest-rated half-hour comedy in cable-television history. In addition to writing scripts, she also writes, edits and proofs treatments, blogs, white papers, business plans and prospectuses, brochures, newsletters - you name it!

ML recently completed GoCode in Playa Potrero, Costa Rica. GoCode is a travel-focused software development program where she explored HTML, CSS, Bootstrap (and the beaches of Costa Rica) while learning the fundamental principles of Python, SQL and JavaScript. Through self-study, she is expanding her knowledge of SEO and Scrum and seeks opportunities to combine her experiences in sports, tech, entertainment, education and leadership.


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From serving as an active student-athlete support volunteer throughout high school and then as an athletic academic advisor for student-athletes on the Division I, collegiate level, ML has numerous years of experience with sports - as a professional, as a close-up-in-person observer and spectator, and as translator to her women friends who can't understand their significant others' fascination with sports.


Master of Arts in Education, Language and Literature & Society and Culture, with an emphasis on the Cultural Study of Sports in Education from the University of California at Berkeley.

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Summary of Product Experience

Newsletter Content

As a staff writer for a property management company, ML wrote stories for their newsletter under her own byline, as well as ghost-writing stories for the company's management.


As a staff writer for a property management and investment company, ML wrote the content regarding the Fort Lauderdale metro area for an offering memorandum of a privately syndicated commercial investment opportunity.

Content produced included:
Physical Boundaries, Area Description, New Development, Hotel Renovations,
Local Residential Demographics, New City Infrastructure, Links and Resources, Press Releases & Articles.

Excerpted is the content for the Area Description.

White Paper

Written for a production company, which eventually produced 50 episodes of a half-hour comedy in the basic-cable space.

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