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After five years working in the public library, Sarah turned her passion for books and her talent for working with teens into a new career as a middle school teacher. About to begin her sixth year teaching, Sarah had moved from sixth grade to eighth, working with struggling students, advanced students, and everyone in between. Currently, she teaches primarily advanced English Language Arts students, developing challenging curriculum that addresses Common Core State Standards, Project Based Learning (using the New Tech Network format), and allows students to grow and develop as academics and as citizens of the world. Additionally, Sarah serves as a staff trainer and the English Language Arts Department Chair.

Sarah is a freelance author in the areas of education, finance, and fitness for online publications such as Global Post, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, and Synonym.com. She reviews young adult titles for School Library Journal. She writes a personal parenting and fitness blog that is growing in popularity and has worked professionally as a portrait photographer.


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As an education writer, Sarah has written on topics ranging from the best iPad apps for middle schoolers to how-to articles about citing sources, writing poems, and more.

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For the past eight years, Sarah has worked as a book reviewer for School Library Journal, primarily reviewing graphic novels.

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