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Andria's writing experience consists of writing on a wide array of topics such as mental health and wellness, motivational tips for living a more positive life, relationships, and positive parenting. This writer has also undertaken various research topics consisting mostly of social issues and their impacts on American people.

Andria is highly motivated to reach people to help them achieve peace and more balance in their daily lives. Andria currently works in a mental health hospital where she conducts psycho-social assessments to ultimately assist those that are in need of professional guidance and insights. Each psycho-social assessment is in professional written form, offering no personal opinion or bias. Developing therapeutic support group topics and activities is also an area in which she has an abundance of experience.

Andria has always loved writing in any way, shape, or form. Andria has created numerous blog posts, has completed academic writing projects, and spends much of her time creative writing as well. She enjoys being challenged with thought provoking topics, and seeks to be a voice among such topics. Writing is one of the best ways to offer self-care; This is a rule Andria will always live by.
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Andria specializes in lifestyle blogging, relationship advice, and mental health topics.


Andria's interests are primarily to offer assistance and insight into daily life struggles, sources of conflict, and help others succeed in their personal goals.


The University of Toledo

Andria has a BSW that she earned May 2008 from the University of Toledo. Andria continued her education in social work, and received her MSW in 2012. Andria's MSW is an advanced generalist degree with a specialization in mental health.


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Andria is a wife, mother, and therapist. Women can get incredibly burned out when faced with the repeated stressors of life; Having an outlet is very important, and this is why Andria blogs. She has written articles with the intent of connecting with other wives and mothers, and to help others realize their full potential as women.


1 Projects Completed

Andria has experience not only providing direct counseling to couples in relationships, but also to individuals dealing with problematic family/friend relationships. Andria has created articles that encourage positive relationships with your spouse, family members, friends, and children.

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1 Projects Completed

Andria has written articles for her own blog, and soaks up as much information on current blogging that she can. Andria's blog is new, but she has many up-coming ideas for future posts with hopes of generating more followers. This writer's new blog is a motivational life blog.

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