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Beth has a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and her expertise in working 20+ years in the publishing and advertising business gives her a good understanding how the importance of text can really bring home a product and/or idea in both printed pieces and web content. Currently at her corporate job, Beth is a go-to person for proofreading presentations and reports on a weekly basis and provides consulting and writing content on how to bring these reports alive.


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Beth is no experienced chef but what she does make are dips, side dishes and main courses that a busy mom like herself can look at and think to herself, "I can make that!"


When Beth isn’t working full-time, she is busy wife and mom of four children, a large dog and a small cat. She keeps a blog where she writes to engage the reader to feel as though they’ve been best friends forever and going through life together. Beth has an understanding in how to write blog articles expressing how equally joyful and painful it can be to raise children!

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Beth is a full-time working mom while trying to raise 4 kids, a large dog and a small cat. Beth's experience in child-rearing is full force, hands on and can deliver a story with a twist of humor that makes you feel as you were right there next to her watching the event or story unfold first-hand.

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