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Edward has experience writing academically, as any college senior should, as well as professionally in the fields of politics, fiction, news, and gaming. In politics, he has been a campaign manager for several state legislative races in Connecticut, where he has written press releases, advertisements, direct mail, and campaign talking points. Edward is a writer of fiction in his free time, self-publishing on his tumblr blog and being once published in his community college's literary magazine. He has been a guest contributor several times on Bagogames.com, where he generally has a great time writing about games by Bethesda, and an even better time playing them. Academically, Edward studies political science with a focus in international and comparative politics and a minor in history. He has written about, and completed coursework in, Eastern European history, South Asian politics, Middle Eastern politics, and, most especially, international conflict and security. Additionally, he is a founding board member of, and occasional contributor to, the New Britain Independent non-profit community newspaper in New Britain, Connecticut.
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Special areas of knowledge include videogame news and review writing, political news and editorial column writing, policy white papers, local news, and press release writing for a variety of different entities.


Interests include gaming, law, politics, international relations, history, public policy, and outdoor activities.


Northwestern Connecituct Community College

Edward attended his local community college following his graduation from high school. Here, he completed many of his general education requirements in addition to completing english and creative writing coursework taught by published author Jessica Treat.

Central Connecticut State University

Edward transferred to CCSU from Northwestern CT Community College in Fall 2013, where he studies political science with a focus in international and comparative politics and a minor in history. He has completed comprehensive coursework in international relations, particularly in the areas of conflict and security. He has also completed coursework in constitutional and international law, Middle Eastern politics and history, and Eastern European history with a focus on Poland.


21 Projects Completed

Edward has experience across three election cycles working in Democratic politics in Connecticut. He has written press releases, campaign literature, talking points, mail solicitations, and phone scripts, as well as designed and written newspaper and online advertisements.


3 Projects Completed

Edward has been a guest writer on the gaming website Bagogames two times, both for The Elder Scrolls game series by Bethesda. Additionally, he is involved in an indie gaming project for which he has written an initial press release and has plans to write several more press releases and development blog posts as the project moves forward.

Blog Post

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Edward has experience writing blog posts for various content producers on a variety of topics. He is most experienced writing 500 to 800 word posts, and can style a blog post for professional or casual audiences. He is available to research and write on almost any topic needed to drive blog traffic and increase time spent on page.

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During the course of his work in politics, Edward has produced numerous press releases, including the sample press release outlined previously, which was run verbatim in several local publications in Connecticut. He also has experience writing press releases related to indie game development.

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